Finalist Assessment Studio 4


Date: October 2019
Size: Varying
Material: Plaster

Sitting back and taking in your surroundings is a lost art of many people today. There are lost details and elements of everyday life within the department, a building students and staff visit daily or weekly, that could not be remembered due to their daily existence. Many of these elements are those that many take for granted. Radiators, benches, TV stands, chairs and sinks are all included. Marie Lund takes the everyday elements and casts them while working between the lines of beauty and dys/function. Plaster casts creates an element of a story that also spreads between the lines of beauty and dys/function. For if they were on their own, the plaster would be dysfunctional, however with other elements, it gives it function. Rachel Whiteread uses concrete to capture the details of large architectural elements, making them become invisible through their scale and material. Through the use of plaster, the imprint cast of the institutions architectural elements are continued to be invisible due to their own smaller scale and smooth material. Unintentionally, the plaster pieces came out with character from the creases of the bin bag itself. This detracted from what the plaster pieces were, and the conversation the plaster was trying to create. The lines, crevices and added detail created a different, almost unwanted conversation.

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