Date: October 2019
Size: Varying
Material: Plaster

Everyday lost details and elements taken for granted, cast in between the lines of beauty and dys/function. Continually invisible in plaster. Increased character of material, detracting meaning and adding crevices.


4 responses to “Imprint”

  1. […] DYS/Functional takes these elements and places them back into their environment. After casting the plaster objects in the workshop of the art department, there was an element of the workshop that needed to come […]

  2. […] are proven to be smaller than originally thought when placing them next to plaster forms and projecting them onto the architecture that they are inspired from. Through the experimentation […]

  3. […] off Imprint, there was a need to take the creases and extra characterisation out of the pieces. This is where […]

  4. […] conversation between the small, the dense, and the environment. Intentional collaboration with other works and the architecture to create […]

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