Artist Statement

Percolate is a balancing bamboo sculpture holding bulbous plaster forms that interweave with the building. The shapes found within the sculpture are related to the space in which it is in, exploring the deconstruction of the institution through its architecture. Each bamboo structure takes from the building, removing an element to place it in another context. This continues to occur through the plaster and jesmonite, reflecting unknown elements that are cast within the architecture. There is a focus on materiality, and the natural construction that is being produced. 

The theory behind the work comes from the deconstruction and reconstruction of architecture and space in the institution. For those who study or work in the building, there is a sense of the everyday within the work, a sense of familiarity found in the work of Natasha Perova. Perova presents an alternative nature of the materials used. Abraham’s work takes this into account, presenting an alternative nature to the building and the elements within through the casts and shapes reflected from the architecture. Using plaster casts from unknown parts of the architecture, the natural bulbous forms juxtapose themselves against the rigidity of the bamboo and building. 

Abraham was also interested in the balance and tension within pieces as well as between materials. Due to the nature of the piece and the multiple construction-like materials used, there is a certain level of interaction that Percolate has directly with the architecture, especially during its display. This creates a tension which is seen not only throughout the sculpture, but also through the parts of the building in which it is interacted with. Tulio Pinto was used as inspiration for this tension and opposing materials that form unknowing relations and shifting utopic territories of harmony among opposition. The choice of material played a strong part in these relations and oppositions, recalling traditions on abstract organic forms found in the natural bamboo work of Martin Puryear

By winding itself around the doorway, through the walls, and out into a direct open space that which the feet would normally lead, there is a confrontation of the sculpture. Ulay and Marina Abromovic became a doorway by standing naked in a narrow entrance to create a confrontation and a conversation between artist, piece and viewer. Without being so direct through a doorway, Percolate creates conversation through its sense of fragility, despite being sturdy. Percolate is there to make you think differently about the building; perhaps in the way you physically interact with it, showcasing the smaller forgotten elements and details hidden in each of the rooms of the unique building, or what the building is and how we view it. Through the use of sculpture, natural and modern building materials, Abraham is able to consider her own application of simplicity and tension.

Curriculum Vitae


BA Art and Psychology
University of Reading

Group Exhibitions


Road Works Ahead [I Sure Hope It Does], University of Reading Art Dept.


Winter Cabaret, University of Reading Art Dept.
Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Third Year Summative Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Bloomin’ – Growing into Art, Stour Space, London
Week 8 Third Year Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Same Faces Different Places Study Abroad Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Sans Camera, Paradigm(e) Gallery, University of Ottawa


Wooden Jungle, Hamelin, University of Ottawa
Don’t Feed The Stereotype, Agora, University of Ottawa
Sans Camera, Paradigm(e) Gallery, University of Ottawa
Sans Camera, Galerie 5.6, University of Ottawa Art Dept.
Plastered Heads, Hamelin, University of Ottawa
This Is What We Did Spring Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.


Second Year Autumn Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Don’t Look At Me Pop Up Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Midnight Colours Art Exhibition & Fair, Speakeasy Cocktail Bar, Reading
First Year Impossible Sculptures, University of Reading Art Dept.
First Year Book Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.


First Year Paintings, University of Reading Art Dept.
First Year A1 Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
St. John’s Sixth Form Window Show, Hughenden Yard, Marlborough

Solo Exhibitions


Untitled [Summative Pole Performance], University of Reading Art Dept.



Printed and published photography for The Spark, University of Reading


ArtLab – ArtLab Summer School Day 1 – New Christ Church Primary School Year 6
I Am, We Are, Different By Design – University of Reading School of Arts and Communication Design Zine, Summer 2019
ArtLab – Tate Exchange 2019
The Eye That Looks – University of Reading Creative Arts Anthology 2019
uOttawa Gazette – Challenging stereotypes, one label at a time


School of Psychology, University of Reading – Study Abroad Canada
ArtLab – Reading Scholars Final Event 2018
ArtLab – Tate Exchange with Reading Scholars


Swindon Artist Forum (since February 2019)

Professional Experience


Tate Exchange 2019


Reading Scholars Final Event 2018 and Video
Your Local Independent Training Provider
Orchid Therapeutics
Reading Scholars Event 2 Video
Advanced RED Award
Tate Exchange 2018
Ladybird Archiving

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