Artist Statement

There is a dynamic relationship between the elements of balance, tension and gravity. Each of these can work in harmony to produce strong results, or they can be used against each other to test the boundaries of their relationships. The methodical weaving of each length of twine around singular tubes of bamboo creates the tension to hold three dimensional shapes. Ranging from hollow to whole cubes, the twine ensures the connectivity of materials. There is a careful interaction with the detail of woven twine that engages the spectator on a one-to-one basis, to consider the tension of each element and the interaction between materials. The balance of the multiple-cubed structure is held in the tension of the twine between the bamboo and partially encompassed by plaster.

The exploration of shape through the use of smaller wooden matchsticks through to larger bamboo cubes benefits an understanding of material and scale. Awareness of the relationship between these elements allows forward planning. They are impacted by one another through weight, gravity and tension of other materials. They bring one another together, unifying components of the abstract structures. Bamboo recalls strong traditions in construction and its manipulation to produce abstract forms. Using bamboo in the form of varying sizes cubes allows the exploration into the form of structure outside the rigidity of small-scale matchsticks and other materials. Using bamboo while investigating structure was initially unintended, but then made deliberate after the knowledge of its capabilities and durability. The creation of a series of linked, transformable structures within a confined space allows a further engagement with other materials. It goes against its natural growing habitat. Using opposing materials allows the formation of unknowing relations, helping to shift into an exploration of harmony that is found among the opposing.

The soft seep of plaster between and within bamboo stretches their relationship to form strong bonds and a sturdy abstract form. From plaster that would sit on top of the bamboo, as a friend, a weight, to plaster that sinks between the cracks and that created a private gravitational force which is constantly opposed. This creates a visual play of material with a mix of gravity and tension. The moment captured sits between fluidity and stasis. A constant creation of the single moment. Although appearing stronger, plaster brings about a consideration of the fragility of each element and the methodology of the piece. The three elements come together to in an enclosed space to form new balances, tensions and gravities and to explore their own relationships with one another.

Forcing the interaction of two unfamiliar materials in a stretching relationship allows for the production of abstract forms that explores the form of structure.

Curriculum Vitae


BA Art and Psychology
University of Reading

Group Exhibitions


Road Works Ahead [I Sure Hope It Does], University of Reading Art Dept.


Winter Cabaret, University of Reading Art Dept.
Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Third Year Summative Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Bloomin’ – Growing into Art, Stour Space, London
Week 8 Third Year Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Same Faces Different Places Study Abroad Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Sans Camera, Paradigm(e) Gallery, University of Ottawa


Wooden Jungle, Hamelin, University of Ottawa
Don’t Feed The Stereotype, Agora, University of Ottawa
Sans Camera, Paradigm(e) Gallery, University of Ottawa
Sans Camera, Galerie 5.6, University of Ottawa Art Dept.
Plastered Heads, Hamelin, University of Ottawa
This Is What We Did Spring Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.


Second Year Autumn Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Don’t Look At Me Pop Up Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
Midnight Colours Art Exhibition & Fair, Speakeasy Cocktail Bar, Reading
First Year Impossible Sculptures, University of Reading Art Dept.
First Year Book Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.


First Year Paintings, University of Reading Art Dept.
First Year A1 Exhibition, University of Reading Art Dept.
St. John’s Sixth Form Window Show, Hughenden Yard, Marlborough

Solo Exhibitions


Untitled [Summative Pole Performance], University of Reading Art Dept.



Printed and published photography for The Spark, University of Reading


ArtLab – ArtLab Summer School Day 1 – New Christ Church Primary School Year 6
I Am, We Are, Different By Design – University of Reading School of Arts and Communication Design Zine, Summer 2019
ArtLab – Tate Exchange 2019
The Eye That Looks – University of Reading Creative Arts Anthology 2019
uOttawa Gazette – Challenging stereotypes, one label at a time


School of Psychology, University of Reading – Study Abroad Canada
ArtLab – Reading Scholars Final Event 2018
ArtLab – Tate Exchange with Reading Scholars


Swindon Artist Forum (since February 2019)

Professional Experience


Tate Exchange 2019


Reading Scholars Final Event 2018 and Video
Your Local Independent Training Provider
Orchid Therapeutics
Reading Scholars Event 2 Video
Advanced RED Award
Tate Exchange 2018
Ladybird Archiving

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