Finalist Assessment Studio 4

Pumped Up

Date: November 2019
Size: Varying
Material: Plaster

Bouncing off Imprint, there was a need to take the creases and extra characterisation out of the pieces. This is where balloons came into play. The plaster was mixed and poured into a bottle. A balloon was pumped up, and the plaster poured in – a transition between air and plaster in the balloon and the bottle. It was a delicate process not to let the balloon release before tying the knot for the plaster would come out. Once the balloons were filled with plaster, they were moulded or pressed into a position around an element of the institution such as a radiator. The choice of element to cast was taken from the initial inspiration of working with the bin bags as well as the sculptural everyday work of Rachel Whiteread. When the balloons were released, they revealed a very smooth surface and shapes that were bulbous and almost natural in nature. This natural, smooth shape was a juxtaposition to the building material. The pieces themselves were also very small and would fit in the hand, a size that would be expanded in the future. The simplicity of the forms were inspired by the work of William Forsythe, who entrances and hold one’s attention with a balance in his work. This is an element that is wanted to be continued throughout the work in larger forms.

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