Finalist Assessment Studio 4


Date: October 2019
Size: 1 x 0.6 x 0.6 m
Material: Plaster, metal step

Through exploration of building-like materials and the architecture of the institution, DYS/Functional takes these elements and places them back into their environment. After casting the plaster objects in the workshop of the art department, there was an element of the workshop that needed to come into the display of the plaster works. Ladders and metal steps were experimented with once the knowledge that displaying in the workshop itself was not allowed. Using the ladder, there was a conversation surrounding the height and the importance of each piece compared to one another depending on where they were placed. Within the final display of the collection of work, the metal step was used to prevent this hierarchy element. The plaster was in plain sight but due to their material and their size, they were hidden, much like the works of Rachel Whiteread. The composition of the work was weak and allowed people to walk past without taking notice, thinking it was a step that was simply left there before the exhibition. There was little interaction with the work, with even less conversation being created. From this, it was known that the work needed to be larger and closer to eye height to start to create the conversations that was wanted around architecture, the institution, and deconstruction.

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