Finalist Assessment Studio 4


Date: October 2019
Length: 11:38 minutes

Varying between plaster and matchsticks, the small objects are found not to resemble the surrounding building and architecture as initially designed. The multiple, mismatched colours of the matchstick cubes along with the full-of-character plaster works were not creating the conversation that was intended. In order to create a larger conversation surrounding the works, a small video was taken of a selection of existing pieces. This video was then projected onto the exhibition space, on top of other people’s work in ‘collaboration’ with them, and on the architecture that which the pieces were inspired from. Mark Bradford follows this same procedure, projecting the videos of the community back on their buildings. He uses a van and a projector to achieve this effect, bringing the memories back to the buildings that they originate from. The final video, nearly 12 minutes long, brings together these elements. It was, however, still not the conversation that was wanted surrounding the architecture of the building, and the video was of lower quality than originally imagined.

Cubes reflects on the small architectural forms created from matchsticks and plaster. Using light and a moving camera, the small forms can become larger than life to break the perception of those who view it.
CUA (Cubes Upon Architecture) is a projection of Cubes on an architectural and art setting. Projecting using a wide-angle projector, the earlier small forms have been transformed into binding with the surrounding architecture.

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