Date: May 2020
Size: 1.3 x 1.24 x 2 m
Material: Bamboo, twine, plaster, sellotape


“To come together to form a single unit”

Arms of plaster support forms of bamboo. Stretching the limits of the relationship between the materials and space. Fighting balance, tension and gravity. A constant stream is drawn with bamboo and plaster.


One response to “Coalesce”

  1. Charlotte, this is a fantastic piece of art. I would like to congratulate you in showing a different view on this constant stream. This space was used extremely well and loved the relationship between the space and the materials, the shapes and the positioning, This piece gave me a feeling of flowing warmth stretching my imagination to where the how the flow entered and exited the space. Just fantastic. Thank you. Justine, Orchid Therapeutics

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