Project 365: June Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. We’ve already taken a look through the first five months of the year, but now we close the chapter on the first half.

Within June I had to take a social media break and it changed the way I produced and showed my artwork to a larger audience. I played around more with the style of my work, rather than trying lots and lots of new things. I also found myself sitting more comfortably with the natural curves of leaves, positioning myself to grow further with that recurring subject. Within my social media break, I also created a plan of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go with my artwork. I now have several craft shows lined up for August, where I will be showcasing my work in an unknown environment. I’ve turned to making more products and sending them out myself, another large change to my print on demand services. And I lastly made changes in the way I post to my social media. To draw myself away from sitting and scrolling for hours on end, I now schedule and plan my posts in advance. This will leave me more time to relax, make and ultimately be happier. June looks very same-ish, but July will bring some surprises.

152/365 – Jelly Bean – I’ve been a bit quiet, despite the scheduled posts, as my energy is on interviews for a new job as well as my Etsy opening! Depending on how this week goes I may be back before the end of the month, but I’ll be listening to my body and my mind to see how I feel first. Thank you for all sticking with me! x⠀
153/365 – Green Bean – I’ve slowly been making my way through the backgrounds that I painted a little while ago now. Some of these will be available on my Etsy, and then some others will be available in the craft and independent business shows that I will be doing in Swindon and the surrounding areas over summer! Lots of things happening behind the scenes at the moment..⠀
154/365 – Sunshine – It’s been super sunny in England these past few days and I couldn’t help pulling out this sunshine yellow colour when looking outside! What’s the weather like where you are?⠀
155/365 – Half – This has been a break that I needed to make, finding what I truly want to create, to make, to explore. I still don’t know what that answer is, but I know I’m starting to feel happier with myself. How are you feeling?⠀
156/365 – Falling Leaves – I wanted to try something a little bit different here, and just adding the falling leaves makes all the difference. It’s making me think of some designs to create in polymer. Yes, you heard that right, I’ll be playing around with polymer to create some earrings!⠀
157/365 – Little – I enjoy the symmetry some of my work is having at the moment. That simple repetition through different patterns or sizes of leaves. I often choose the leaf design depending on the colour and size of the painted shape in the background. I’ve still got over 50 of these backgrounds but some of these will be Etsy or show only exclusives, with each one being an original!
158/365 – Growing – Every time I draw a leaf, a branch, or something that comes from nature, I feel like I’m growing too. Does anyone else get that feeling too?
159/365 – Floating – With some combinations of the leaves and shapes, it sometimes looks like everything is floating. I sometimes wonder what it would look like in a frame, or mount.⠀
160/365 – Gingerbread Man – I don’t know how often you look at the shapes in the background, but sometimes they remind me of really simple things, such as jelly beans or gingerbread men. What do you see in the shapes?
161/365 – Forest – This one is a slightly different style to the other pieces I’ve drawn. Fuller. More forest like. It reminds me of the watercolour pieces I did towards the end of May with the layered branches. What do you think of the mini forest?
162/365 – Big – I’ve had some really exciting, and really big changes happen in the past few days. It has made me look forward to the future in my own careers, and I am currently in the process of making some plans. These plans will help me to de-stress and keep my head on straight. Sometimes I get too involved in the things I do, and these plans will give me the space to get some much needed fresh air. Can’t wait to come back and share everything with you x
163/365 – Sunshine – Was it me, or was yesterday just uncomfortably hot in the UK? I want to see a cracking thunderstorm and let it break some of this humidity! How are you finding the weather?⠀
164/365 – Changes – So I announced yesterday that I have some big news and changes that have been happening recently. I’m still making plans and setting others into place. Despite this, my Etsy launch is still going ahead! Don’t forget to have a look NEXT WEDNESDAY!⠀
165/365 – Style – I’ve enjoyed just creating these simple, natural pieces these past couple of weeks. It’s allowed me to still delve into lightly different styles, while also taking a break to find myself a bit more.⠀
Which has been your favourite this month?⠀
166/365 – Painting – Not only have I been adding to the collection of leaf paintings and drawings, but I’ve also been painting the house. We’ve had a room completely re-modelled and it’s looking absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to start using it as a little workshop area, so you may be seeing some different things from me soon! I’ve also got a little sewing area too, so I can sit down and have a relax there as well.⠀
167/365 – Almost Half Way – Can anyone else believe that we’re almost half way through the year? I can’t believe that my Etsy store is opening next week.. Make sure to keep tuned for some exciting products that I’ve got lined up for you with even more coming each month x⠀
168/365 – The past couple of days have been really big for me. I’ll be back within the next few days to tell you all about it. Let me just finish setting up some things first!
169/365 – Etsy – I can’t believe my Etsy store is opening THIS Wednesday! Many of the leaves will be Etsy exclusive products and you’ll be seeing all my greetings cards there too. I’m currently experimenting with clay and plaster, with a sneak peak coming soon.⠀
Comment an emoji if you’re excited!⠀
170/365 – Push – I pushed myself a little hard the other day and did too much. It’s given me a little setback with things but I feel like things are falling into place. How are you?⠀
I’m still exploring with the shapes and leaf designs – these could go on forever but I’m feeling some bigger pieces on canvas again, as well as a smaller collection.⠀
171/365 – Countdown – ONE DAY to go until my Etsy launch! I’m getting more excited about this as each day goes. In the meantime, I’m still drawn to these falling leaves alongside the climbing stalk. ⠀
172/365 – Scared – I’m going to be honest, I am super scared that my Etsy store isn’t going to be as successful as I hope it will be. I know from experience that there are good months and bad months, however there is always doubt. Any small/independent businesses here get the same feeling?⠀
Etsy store open TOMORROW!⠀
173/365 – Square – As they say ‘be there or be square’. Head to the link in my bio to check out my Etsy store which has now officially launched! I’m super excited for you to see what you can buy from myself and other independent businesses there. ⠀
Link in bio.⠀
174/365 – Invite – I got an invitation to an evening of music and art in a local gallery for this weekend. I’m so glad things are opening back up again and the majority of people are keeping safe while enjoying the things they love doing. Hopefully now, everyone in the village will go on a family walk at different times too!⠀
175/365 – Bean – I’ve still got loads of these backgrounds and sometimes that feels overwhelming, however the more I do the more I want to create! I’ve almost created 100 different ones now. Have you found your favourite?
Comment below!⠀
176/365 – Square Windows – These little squares peak out into the bright blue sky as the leaves and vines grow over. Finding these smaller leaves through the watercolour and fine liner pieces earlier in the month changed how I drew these shapes. There will only be a handful more as I move onto slightly different things next month!⠀
177/365 – Weather – With the weather being so rainy, grey and dark the past week, it was wonderful to spend the day in London with gorgeous blue skies a couple of days ago. It made me pull this sunshine yellow background for todays art of the day!⠀
178/365 – Climb – Leaves are something incredibly powerful. They help things grow, sustain life, and are ultimately quite beautiful looking. ⠀
What are your favourite plants?⠀
179/365 – Mixing Up – I’ve got a new job and got my weekends and evenings free! This means I have a select time that I can create and do artwork. I’ve been mixing it up a bit behind the scenes already which you’ll be seeing next month. Let me just create a few more of these first!⠀
180/365 – Simple – With all the dots and branches, I headed back to a simple leaf. Sometimes you cannot beat the basics!⠀
181/365 – Collection – Leaves has grown into quite the collection with almost 100 pieces! Each one is individual and sometimes I don’t understand how I can keep going with these but then I find another way to draw, another way to create. Project 365 has led me to do so many things that I wouldn’t have usually done. I’ve inspired, I’ve created, I’ve continued. The past six months has been a game changer for me and to look forward to what my artwork will look like in another six months time feels impossible. But I do know that I will still be here, and I will still be creating artwork.

Don’t forget to check out my brand new Etsy store –

Get To Know Me : Learning Curve

It has been a year since I handed in my final piece for my fourth year at the University of Reading. Since graduating there have been many times that I wanted to give up, to move on with something new and exciting, but creating has always been my go to. I’m going to take you through my journey, and my learning curve, of the past year.

Coalesce, 2020

I ended my final year at University at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world. This installation was based in the family home porch, exploring the relationships of gravity, tension and balance through bamboo, twine and plaster. Each material and position aided the other. I could only pre-plan for this piece so far before the creation had to take over. I did not know the plaster and the bamboo would react with each other. I was physically involved with the creation of the sculptural elements as I had to climb in and between the cubes to mould the plaster and to wrap the twine. The overall sculptural installation was very solid, and even put up with two dogs running past it on their daily walks, twice a day, for over a week.

As much as I wanted Coalesce to stay up and be a permanent exhibition item in the porch, my parents were not happy that I was mixing wet plaster in the house let alone this staying up indefinitely. After I carefully (and also brutally) took the sculpture down, I did not know what to do with myself, or my artwork. The world has been in a strange place since early 2020 and I had just finished university.

I stopped.

That was my biggest mistake.

N from the Alphabet Series, 2020

Everyone says to take a break, but if you’ve just been running at one-hundred and ten percent, don’t just stop dead. I became physically ill, which on top of my mental health, just left me in bed and I did not want to do anything. At University, I had a structure and a purpose to what I needed to do each and every day. I had deadlines that I needed to work to. And then all of this was ripped away. This is the first year of my life that I have not been in education and adapting my life and myself to those circumstances has been the biggest learning experience for me.

I found retail work, so I had something to wake up for, as well as something to help get some money in the bank. Those two elements helped me massively, although I still was not being creative. This creative break lasted around 4 months. Looking back, that is the longest amount of time I have not created for. And as I said, it was my biggest mistake. I had no effort to create anything as I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. That’s when my partner suggested I start simple. I enjoyed creating the alphabet in the first year of university, and so I tried again. This led to the ever-growing Alphabet Series (that is available in my store). This further led me onto making my own store on this website.

In 2021, I started Project 365. If you’ve been to University to do an art degree, especially in the UK (I am generalising here), there is room to work with so many different materials and techniques. Due to space, I could only work in a sketchbook with the materials that I had to hand of paints and pencils. Project 365 is a challenge that I set myself to create something every day. Whether it’s a doodle, sketch, finished piece or making a kit, I needed to change what I was doing. This push to create, and more importantly to experiment and grow, has pushed my art further than I thought that it would. We sit here now, in May, and I’ve created over 150 individual artworks, entered several competitions and am just about to enter exhibition proposals. I’ve learnt that I needed that push.

Day 122/365

There was a psychology experiment that involved two groups of art students over a year. One group were told that they needed to produce the best work possible, concentrating on detail. They only produced a handful of works that they thought were the best works. The other group were told to produce as many artworks as possible, to experiment and challenge themselves. This group saw a dramatic change in the way they produced work, their knowledge of material as well as their confidence with their work. And that’s where I’m at. I’m building that confidence up, with the love and support of everyone online and who are close to me. I’m building my knowledge of material and technique by experimenting with all the materials and machinery and techniques. Building these up has changed my style, and I am finding that I am not planning my work, that I am going with the flow of the material that I picked up. I used to intricately plan each of my pieces, but putting that pressure on myself now seems futile as I get stressed when pieces don’t go to plan. After putting so much pressure on myself, I don’t want, or need that any more.

Everyone works differently, and that’s the beauty of both the human race, and the way it presents itself in the arts. I have had an extreme learning curve with my art practice this year, but I feel like it has been worth it. Even the bad moments.

Have you had a learning curve?

Project 365: April Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. We’ve already taken a look through January and February, as well as March, and we now head into the review of month four.

April saw me head more into geometry and experimenting with space. Leaves and the dotted shapes are a prominent part of my work and continue to be a motif throughout. I started a new project within Project 365, developing ideas for exhibitions. Looking back, I’m not sure what to say about April, as it was a busy month that leads into another busier month. I stuck my head down and just got on with it.

Project 365: Day 91: ‘Geometry’
Watercolour paint
I think I’m going to stick with the geometry for a while as that’s where I’m comfortable and enjoying myself! Currently playing around with the layering of shapes with watercolour. I’m thinking of swapping to acrylics soon but the watercolours are definitely easier to work with after a long day!
What are your favourite shapes?
Project 365: Day 92: ‘Playing Around’
Watercolour paint
Continuing to play around with shapes tonight and I found that the larger shapes work better than lots of small ones. I’m thinking about layering again with the leaves and patterns and working with acrylic too. I’ve got lots of other things planned in my head, ideas for the future!
Project 365: Day 93: ‘Pastel’
Watercolour paint
Working with a softer palette tonight which makes all the difference to the piece. Doing all these geometric paintings has really made me want to get a canvas out and start painting! Let’s see what tomorrow brings, painting or sewing, I know I’ll end up doing one of the two!
Project 365: Day 94: ‘Pastel’
Coloured pencil
I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday and enjoying the sun! I thought I would get back to basics with coloured pencils today, getting a softer approach than my usual water colour. The difference in material was appreciated and made me want to get onto canvases even more!
I also had to photograph the page upside down as it’s majorly curling from the water colour yesterday.
Project 365: Day 95: ‘Simple’
Graphite pencil
I kept it a short and sweet artwork today as I went home from work half way through my shift, not feeling well. It’s the first time I’ve gotten out of bed since then as I was determined to get some food and create, even if it is only a little something. This is also my ‘planning process’ for my pieces. There’s no actual planning involved, or preconception of what it is going to look like. I just know it’s going to involve geometry.
I hope your Monday has been good ✨
Project 365: Day 96: ‘Shades of Grey’
Graphite pencil
I decided to stick with the pencil tonight and keep it simple. Now I’ve delved into the world of colour, I don’t want to go back. I might see what this looks like in colour soon.
Project 365: Day 97: ‘Planning’
Acrylic paint
I did something different today. I planned my daily artwork. And then it all went wrong. The pink went all over the page and the paint wasn’t spreading as smoothly as the watercolours. I know I want to paint on canvas but I think I might need to brush up my skills, and patience too!
Working on my mental health at the moment so perhaps not feeling it ask much as usual.
Project 365: Day 98: ‘Yesterday’
Watercolour paint and marker pen
So this was yesterday’s piece but Instagram wasn’t letting me post? Rather strange, but here we are. I used different paper for this one so the watercolour paint and then the marker pen sat differently on top, creating a different surface. I want to continue experimenting on this paper but the amount of paint I use may vary because of the way it interacted with this one.
Project 365: Day 99: ‘Blank Space’
Watercolour paint
I forgot how powerful negative space can be. I don’t know why I left these spaces bare, without a thick coating of watery colour. It just felt right.
I also can’t believe day 100 is tomorrow! Almost a third of the way through the year and a third of the way through my challenge. My style has changed so much and I love that colour is such a major feature in my work now. Can’t wait to see what the rest of April brings!
100/365 ‘Yellow versus Day’
I was inspired by the negative space from the other day and felt like creating something a little different to the most recent work.
I’ve been busy creating for a few submissions this month. I’ll be showing some of them over on @charlotteabrahamdraws next week✨
Swipe to see lamp light versus day light >>
Tried out a new background when taking a photo of this one because it was still trying. Looking at it honestly makes me miss the plain background of my wall! I’m super excited for things happening in my life right now as this could be the first steps in a few big changes ✨
I decided to do lighter hues tonight because when I was drinking home it felt brighter, smoother, almost like summer. And I hope that translates through the paint!
Hope everyone has a good Sunday evening
Really starting to experiment with what I paint on and how I paint. A quick little one today with a book that I’ve read before and needed a revamp. If that’s what you could call this? Didn’t realise how much water would affect the page so looking at trying this out with some acrylics later this week.
Cracked our the marker pens that I bought a few weeks back. This was super satisfying to do! Might do a video of it next time just to show you. Can’t wait for all the exciting things that I’ve got planned!
I got a bit excited today when I started drawing. This is kind of the process that I go through whether I want to add leaves or leave it as a geometric design. I’ve been really inspired by a few other artists on here who work with geometry who have given me some ideas to develop my own work ✨
105/365 • Pop •
Did a live today of the making of the left drawing. It felt right to do this as a pair, experimenting with the marker pens I used yesterday, but on a stronger, heavier paper. It still bled through fantastically but I really feel like the colour pops on here.
106/365 • Birthday on the Beach • Had a fantastic day yesterday on the beach and enjoying the fresh air. I took my sketch book and marker pens, naturally, and decided to just make some marks on paper. I ended up with this quick abstract that flows, much like the ocean did.
I’ll be posting today’s artwork a little later
107/365 • 108/365 • Liberty Lady • This took me two days to build, a birthday present from my other half because he knows my love for Lego. If you don’t think Lego is art then I’m sorry but you’re wrong. The processes that go into building let alone designing this piece must have been extreme. I know I felt creative making it!
Who here has seen the Statue of Liberty in real life?
109/365 • Over The Hill • A little bit of a mixture of styles today. I enjoyed my mark making on Friday and want to explore with that loose style more, but I wanted to crawl back into my comfort zone with geometry. So, I mixed them together. I’ve got a few ideas from this now!
110/365 • Skies and Hills • Felt like getting back to basics with some fine liner pens today and reflected on the piece from yesterday. I made several other pieces but I feel like I planned them too much. Got lots more planning for pieces coming up ✨
111/365 • Doku • I mixed the Sudoku and leaf/splodge work I’ve been doing. I had to take a week off of social media just to clear my head. It’s made me think of what I really want to do with my artwork over the next month or so.
I hope everyone has been doing well ✨
112/365 • Testing • I got some new watercolours for my birthday so had to test them out in a colour swatch! They’re not the best quality but I feel like I could use them in mock ups for larger detailed pieces. I also went to hobby craft today and picked up some pieces that I think you’ll be seeing this week. Keep your eyes peeled!
113/365 • Leaf • I feel like I’m starting to find my style and block single colours are playing a key role in that. I’ve got a canvas on the go and a collection of growing works. Things feel like they’re going good.
114/365 • Square • Simplicity is sometimes the only thing you need in a complex world. All the patterns and designs that I could think of, let alone make, it makes me feel super excited! Can’t wait to show you what’s coming next ✨
115/365 • Still out to explore all the ways I can create and find my niche. I may be there for a while but I know things develop, especially when you spend some time and care in it. This is an A4 piece with powerful red and deep black. Simple.
116/365 • Satisfying • Do you ever get it when you put something away, or organise the look of something and it looks.. well, satisfying? Organising colours, shapes, materials. You name it. That happened to me at work sorting out the paints at work today and it makes me think of how these paintings will fit on a wall. Satisfying.
117/365 • Creeping my hand slowly back into the photos. I’ve been experimenting with the way I photograph my artwork. Do you like it like this, or when I held it up against the wall? Love finding out how things work and how to do something different ✨
118/365 • Third Done • It’s crazy how time keeps on ticking by no matter what you do. Four months have gone by in the blink of an eye. I’ve created over 120 artworks in this time and I’m getting into a style that feels.. me. This pink will come up in the next few days as I had left overs from painting my canvas and couldn’t waste the opportunity to create something new
119/365 • Splodge • I wasn’t sure how this one was going to turn out but loving the end result! Need to get the paints out again to create some more backgrounds and finish that canvas ✨
120/365 • April End • This is the last piece of April. This month I’ve found that I’ve grown into what I’m creating and am enjoying the working I’m producing. I’ve got a couple more of these pink pieces for the beginning of May, then I might switch up the colours. Hell, I might bring A3 pieces into the mix again!

Project 365: March Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. We’ve already taken a look through January and February, so here’s to the collection created in March.

March has been a successful month for me, where I started up a new Instagram page to support all my digital drawings (@charlotteabrahamdraws), and found an area of artwork that has just kept providing me inspiration.

I started playing with shape and colour part way through the month, bringing forward that Maths aspect that I sometimes talk about, and getting to know my geometry better. Taking the inspiration from megadokus, I created artwork with squares and circles. The rules were that of sudoku, just with colour; one colour could only appear in that row/column once. It created some interesting challenges with overlapping shapes, and with the limited palette I had! I’ve switched these designs between A5 and A4 sketchbooks and I found a stark difference in the intimacy of watercolour between the two different sizes.

I don’t know what April will bring, but I’m hoping our workshop is going to get finished so the sculptures can begin again.

Project 365: Day 60: ‘Someone Special’
Digital drawing
As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve tried to be inclusive to as many groups of people as I could this Mother’s Day. This includes a series dedicated to the ‘someone special’ in your lives.
I’ve got one more design to share with you while I’m creating some more digital portraits!
Project 365: Day 61: ‘Nan’
Digital drawing
My Nan has always been a significant figure in my life, from looking after me during secondary school to always having her door open for us. How could I not dedicate a card to her?
I’ve included Nan, Gran and Grandma in my Mother’s Day collection. Head to my store to take a look!
Project 365: Day 62: ‘Minute. Next’
I had dinner on the go and realised I hadn’t done my artwork of the day today. It’s felt like my time at home has been rushed these past few days but that’s what I get for doing 12 hour shifts. I respect anyone who does this every week even more now!
These are five, one minute line drawings of me and the view in front of me. I feel like I improved simply over five minutes.
I wonder what would happen if I did this every day?
Project 365: Day 63: ‘Beliefs and Values’
Digital drawing
Head to my reels to see why I drew this one. Hint – it’s all to do with March Meet The Maker!
Project 365: Day 64: ‘As They Come’
Marker pens
I decided to treat myself the other day with some marker pens. I was thinking about transferring some of the digital work onto paper. But first I needed to test them out! This is the number order that they came in.
Project 365: Day 65: ‘Silks’
Digital drawing
If you hadn’t guessed already I’m doing a huge catch up on Project 365 and March Meet The Maker posts this evening. I’ve got a few more to share with you but first I’ll leave this here.
To all my pole, aerial and yoga followers, I’ll be posting something this month that you may be interested in!
Project 365: Day 66: ‘Update’
Cross stitch
The last of my catch up posts and finally today’s artwork! This is the progress I’ve made on my Starry Night cross stitch that I received for Valentines. I haven’t spent a massive amount of time on it but I was able to smash out a big block of colour the other day. Today I filled in some of the smaller gaps.
Have you got any projects you’re working on?
Project 365: Day 67: ‘Afternoon Tea’
Fineliner and marker pen
A special commission for a Mother’s Day card. Involving lots of different sweet treats and a beautiful set for tea!
Don’t forget about my selection of Mother’s Day gifts on my store. Order today to avoid disappointment!
Project 365: Day 68: ‘Pole I’
Hey you, yeah you, I think you should go follow my new account @charlotteabrahamdraws
I’m going to be putting all my digital drawings there instead of bombarding this page. I’m going to continue with Project 365 but I wanted to do something else that would give me a bit of variety and income as I grow my own practice.

Project 365: Day 69: ‘Pole II’
Digital drawing
As you might be able to tell, I’ve done a lot of the digital drawings already. I’ll be specialising in pole, aerial and sport but I’m up for drawing anything (within limits)!
Also playing catch up over this week. Come April I’m not going to be doing catch up posts – they will all be live from that day.

Project 365: Day 70: ‘Pole III’
Digital drawing
Working in threes is super satisfying. I promise I’m getting off the iPad now and getting back to using paper and pencil. I’m excited to be splitting this as I’ve been inspired the past few weeks to do something more, me. Once again, head to @charlotteabrahamdraws for all my digital drawings!
Project 365: Day 71: ‘Dreams’
Since I decided to take my pole teaching qualifications, I’ve wanted to teach online and/or in a studio. Those steps are being taken. We have a domain name. We have an instructor. It will probably take a few years, but I can dream.
Project 365: Day 72: ‘Hamper for Mum’
A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the kinds of mum in the world. My thoughts go out to you every day and all the things you go through. And I thank you all for every single one of those. A hand made pamper hamper was gifted to my mum this year who has had a hell of a year already and who needed something to relax with. Love you mum!
Project 365: Day 73: ‘Mum’
Marker pen and fineliner
Another belated Mother’s Day post to continue to celebrate the strength of women everywhere. There’s no doubt that shockwaves have been sent through everyone during this time. We are stronger as a community.
Project 365: Day 74: ‘Free’
Felt tip pens and fine liners
I wanted to be a bit more free. As you might be able to tell, I’m still finding my style. My voice. I’m hoping to get back into plaster soon but I’ve always enjoyed a 2D element too. I wonder where it will all take me.
Project 365: Day 75: ‘Form’
Fineliner and felt tip pen
I haven’t purposefully restricted myself to these materials, but I’ve been creating in our living room these past few days and didn’t want to create too much mess. I really enjoy working with these colours though.
Project 365: Day 76: ‘Going’
Fine liner and felt tip pen
Playing catch up with my posts again as I’ve been creating my artworks later at night. I’m back in my home store now so I’ll be creating as soon as I get home from work and posting from there. I’m enjoying where I’m going at the moment though..
Project 365: Day 77: ‘Look’
Fine liner and felt tip pen
Continuing with the felt tip pens for this one and bringing my technique for digital portraits in too. It reminds me of a painting I did for my GCSE art which, coincidentally, was the first painting I sold. I’m not sure what made me grab the reds, oranges and yellows but I feel like it fits.
Project 365: Day 78: ‘Diddy Doku’
Coloured pencil
This was really soothing to do. I love the complexity of knowing where each colour goes, creating a seemingly simple design. This one is only 10cm big.
Project 365: Day 79: ‘Playing’
Watercolour paint
I’ve tried to name each of the works I’ve done but sometimes those names don’t do them justice. It makes me think of songs with names that don’t correlate to the song in any way. Can you think of any?
Project 365: Day 80: ‘Switch’
Watercolour paint and fine liner pen
I wondered what It would look like if I started merging, playing around with layers and swapping what was done in pen versus paint. I’m not completely thinking about the final design, which is perhaps part of the reason why I’m enjoying this so much.
Project 365: Day 81: ‘Leaf Line’
Watercolour paint and fine liner pen
I don’t know what to say about this one. Do I need to say anything about this one?
Got a couple days left to catch up on and then we’re back to the single posts a day.
Project 365: Day 82: ‘Here’
Watercolour paint
I had a couple of days off social media just so have some me time. I ended up reading almost two books (only short ones!) and having a general relax. I’m back with catching up on posts though and keeping it simple with some colourful geometry.
Project 365: Day 83: ‘Something’
Fine liner and water colour paint
I honestly don’t know what I wanted to put on paper when I did this painting. It didn’t completely feel right doing it and it doesn’t feel right now..
Project 365: Day 84: ‘Repeat’
Watercolour paint and fine liner pen
You might recognise this one from a couple of days ago. I tried it again in A4 this time, just to see the difference in style. I found that the intimacy of working in watercolour on A5 gone and replaced with the need to work faster. Bonus though that I got to dig out my marker pens I bought only a couple of weeks back.
Project 365: Day 85: ‘Here’
Watercolour paint and fine liner pen
It’s Monday and a fresh week. I’ve only got a couple of days to catch up on then you’ll be seeing my artwork live each day! Still working in A4 at the moment though but thinking about going back to A5 and creating some originals for my store. It’s interesting to see the effect between the A4 and A5 pieces though!
How is your Monday going?
Project 365: Day 86: ‘Circling around’
Watercolour paint and marker pen
I was in two minds while creating this one as a part of me thought it was too much and then I added the dotted shapes in. It all came together then.
Project 365: Day 87: ‘Nah’
Watercolour paint and marker pen
Okay so I really didn’t like this one in A4. I’m sometimes super picky with what I do, how I do it, but I’ve been trying to let go of that. This piece though just doesn’t sit right with me. The intimacy of working smaller has been completely lost and it’s just… not right. Do you get what I mean?
Project 365: Day 88: ‘Coming Around’
Watercolour paint and marker
There’s going to be a few posts tonight catching up on the last of March’s artworks. I’m trying to finish two pieces at once though – today’s artwork and a digital portrait I’ve been trying to complete for my other page @charlotteabrahamdraws. One or the other will be finished, I don’t think I have time for both!
Project 365: Day 89: ‘Back to Little’
Felt tip pen and fine liner
Working back in my A5 sketchbook I kind of miss the larger, less intimate colour pieces that I was doing. I wasn’t sure about this one but it felt right. Listening to Iggy Azalea got me mark making rather than drawing leaves and patterns.
Project 365: Day 90: ‘Shapes’
Watercolour paint
Switching things up with different shapes now. I feel like there are countless designs that can be produced using circles and squares, but I am intrigued with the effect of other shapes. I may need to go bigger though to prevent over crowdedness!
I hope everyone has had a good March and I’ll see you over in April!

Project 365: February Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. Review January on my first blog post, and February, the next 28 days, below.

Within February, I found myself experimenting with a wider variety of materials during a shorter space of time. I continued and completed the lines series, as well as creating a Mothers Day series of products. Find them all on my store. The biggest change from this past month is the introduction of digital art. I found myself drawing a lot on an iPad. Even though I enjoyed creating through this medium, I think I want to go back to more pen and paper pieces. I want to be able to complete a sketchbook, my first completed sketchbook, before the end of the year. Next month, I’m hoping to use paper more, and to experiment with simple materials through things like time limitations.

All photos have been used on Instagram.

Project 365: Day 32: ‘Lines V6’
Coloured felt tip pen
I suppose you could call this colour combination sun and earth. The bright yellow hues versus the deep rich greens. It makes me miss spring but the greens here in the countryside are still beautiful.
Although January is over, Project 365 is not. Thank you for sticking with me!
What has been your favourite part of Project 365 so far?
Products coming soon ✨ (Once everything is edited!)
Project 365: Day 33: ‘Lines V6’
Coloured felt tip pen
Six versions down three to go and the last of the colour combinations. Doing this mini series with lines makes me realise how much I rely on numbers and maths in my art. I count. The lines. The pens. The changes in pattern. It’s all about the numbers.
Products coming soon ✨ (Once everything is edited!)
Project 365: Day 34: ‘Lines V8’
Coloured felt tip pen
Only one more of these to share with you all! Feels like this part of the project has gone by way too quickly but at the same time I’m excited to go on an adventure with some different materials. February is going to be an experimental month.
Products released Saturday ✨
Project 365: Day 35: ‘Lines V9’
Coloured felt tip pen
The final element of the lines series, once that grew with no plan but emerged as a mini series. I’m sad to come to a close with these but want to experiment with other things a little further!
Which has been your favourite Line work?
Project 365: Day 36: ‘Loved’
Felt tip pens and fine liners on card
I know I’ve been quiet for a couple of days but I wanted a little break from posting. Don’t worry though, I’ve still been creating! With several birthdays in February I’m loving to design personalised cards for everyone. It adds an extra bit of sparkle and sometimes they’re super simple to do!
If you want a personalised card with a handwritten message, just DM me. Greetings cards can be found on my store ✨
Project 365: Day 37: ‘Happy Birthday To You’
Felt tip pens and fine liners on card
Another card design. Thinking about doing some similar designs for my website and keeping these as originals. On the other hand, I want to develop artwork for something like a solo show.. I miss creating big!
Project 365: Day 38: ‘Closest’
Felt tip pens and fine liners on card
Dedicating these two to some of my closest peoples who, luckily, aren’t on Instagram! Sending these off tomorrow on my day off. Can’t wait to show you what I make today ✨
Project 365: Day 39: ‘Bookmark’
Still catching up on what I’ve been making. This was yesterday’s make, a gorgeous design of a bookmark. With all this macrame and Macrame Monday’s continuing, I feel like I should invest in some materials! Anyone know where is best?
Project 365: Day 40: ‘I’m a dog person’
Scratch art kit
This was a blast from the past! I haven’t done a kit like this in years. I can safely say I’m a dog person. Are you a dog or cat person?
Project 365: Day 41: ‘Cut up’
Coloured paper
A bit of a throwback to the work I did last summer with @artlabuor on the lockdown lab. I reviewed a kids activity from @tate which involves cutting shapes and then arranging them on a piece of paper. It was so simple yet so effective. There are so many things you can do with a pair of scissors, glue and some paper!
Happy St Valentines Day everyone. Hope you’ve been able to have a smile at something today ✨
Catching up on the last couple of days of project 365. Had some time to myself, which I felt like I really needed.
Project 365: Day 42: ‘Round’
Digital drawing
Working with a new medium, which I didn’t think I would get along with at first. Digital drawing was simpler than I thought and more effective with this design! I still love a pen and piece of paper but you’ll be seeing more of these.
Project 365: Day 43: ‘Round II’
Digital drawing
Swipe to see COLOUR ✨
Really enjoying these drawings and the variations you can quickly make!
Project 365: Day 44: ‘Round III’
Digital drawing
Swipe to see some colour ✨
Still playing catch up over the past few days. Made quite a few yesterday so get ready for several posts today!
Project 365: Day 45.1: ‘Voronoi I’
Digital drawing
Playing catch up with some artwork from Valentine’s Day. This is a Voronoi Diagram which can be seen in cosmology, biology and commerce. I’ve created many of these and none of them have looked remotely similar!
Project 365: Day 45.2: ‘Voronoi II’
Digital drawing
Another Voronoi Diagram for you all. Love the bright colours of Comic markers in this digital work!
Project 365: Day 45.3: ‘Voronoi III’
Digital drawing
The last of this set of Voronoi Diagrams. They were super fun to do so you may see these appear again 👀 And I will certainly be carrying on with some digital work! Don’t worry, I won’t forget about all my other materials too
t’s the Macrame Monday post ✨
Project 365: Day 46: ‘MMIII [Macrame Monday III]
I don’t actually know how many Macrame Monday’s I’ve done but three feels right. This one, as soon as it was made, got sent to a lovely friend as a birthday present, for all the reading she does 💕
Project 365: Day 47: ‘Mum & Nan’
Fineliner pen
This week and next week I’m going to be designing and launching some Mother’s Day gifts. Sunday 14th March is Mother’s Day. I know not everyone celebrates it but let it be a time to look up at all the women we celebrate in our lives ✨
Project 365: Day 48: ‘Frame’
Felt tip pen and highlighter
I was stuck tonight. I looked over and saw a photo of me and my dad in a frame I have next to my desk and thought yes. I’m drawing that. You know when you find the perfect frame for the picture? I had that moment for mine.
Mother’s Day products are still being designed. Sign up to my mailing list to see the designs first ✨ Link in bio
Project 365: Day 49: ‘Preview’
Digital drawing
I’m heading back to painting on a real canvas tomorrow but before I do, I’m going to share a few digital drawing I’ve done recently. Including this little preview of my Mother’s Day Range!
Project 365: Day 50: ‘Omega’
Digital drawing
Throwback to my exchange in Ottawa when me and my roomie (now one of my furthest 🇦🇺 and closest friends) travelled round Omega Parc to see some of the cutest animals.
Happy Birthday Lily 🥳
Project 365: Day 51: ‘Love Flowers’
Digital drawing
Another Mother’s Day preview ✨ I’m moving back to paper today because I’ve been staring at screens too much recently. Once I’ve released my Mother’s Day products I’ll also be working on a couple of canvases! Cant wait ✨
Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!
Project 365: Day 52: ‘Starry Night’
Cross stitch
A little late night post for you all to find..
So I know it’s not a finished piece but my technique with cross stitch is improving with the progression of this kit my other half bought me for Valentine’s Day.
It’s made me remember why I started Project 365 – to build on my knowledge of materials and methods. Be prepared to see more experiments and playing with mediums as I continue my exploration.
A quick catch up with project 365
Day 53: Macrame Monday IV
I’ve lost count of the number of macrame designs I’ve done as they’ve all been so fun to do! I didn’t follow a pattern for this one but took inspiration from each of the knots I’ve already used.
Featuring the original ‘Lines’ drawings.
Project 365: Day 54: ‘Megadoku Abstract’
I played around with the idea of making a more abstract Megadoku, like the one a few weeks ago but loose, free.
I don’t like it.
Do you?
Project 365: Day 55: ‘Perfect Circle’
Coloured Pencil
I’ve been seeing artwork with bolder colours recently. Along with some lovely messages about Project 365 I continue to strive on and make it through another month!
Maths comes back into this one again, with circular motions. I might add leaf patterns in soon?
Project 365: Day 56: ‘Overlap’
Oil pastel and pencil
This. This is what Project 365 is all about. I experimented today, for the first time in what feels like forever. Playing around with colour and material. I haven’t used oil pastel in years and yet my hand reached toward them today.
I’ve noticed I do things in threes at the moment.. I wanted to play around with another material, acrylic paint this time, and I was drawn back to the circles I’ve done the past couple of days.
It’s still all shapes and maths behind it all though.
Project 365: Day 57: ‘Another One’
Acrylic paint and black biro
A little added experimentation with the colours used from the third of the circles. I added leaves into this one, which inadvertently caused a new artwork through the page. Head to my stories to see how!
Project 365: Day 57.5: ‘Levels’
Acrylic paint and biro pen
Project 365: Day 58: ‘Dad’
I can finally share this birthday card I designed for my dad ✨ a special design including our two dogs 🐕
I can do any personalised designs for you and am looking at doing a ‘silhouette’ series soon which you can use for any occasion.
Project 365: Day 59: ‘Mum’
Digital drawing
With my Mother’s Day products now available (with some items that you can even treat yourself with), I can finally show you Day 59 of Project 365. With my Mother’s Day collection I tried to be inclusive to as many groups of people as possible, so you can share the day with whoever is close to you in your life. I hope that is reflected through the products!
Thank you to everyone who has ordered something x

Project 365: January Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. Review the first month, the first 31 days below.

January saw a month of fine liners and the beginning of colour. Throughout the month, I took inspiration from my surrounding environment and my new home. While living through the third lock down in the UK, some days felt bland, but looking at something in a different perspective allowed me to continue with the project. Reflecting on this month, I have learnt a new craft, finished several smaller projects and gotten to know materials such as watercolour paint. This month, I also released my first original artwork and limited edition prints on my store, which is a huge step for me. Next month, I’m hoping that other materials are going to come out to play, and the new craft of macramé will be explored, as well as new original artworks being released regularly.

All photos have been used on Instagram as the front image of each day of the Project.

Day 1: ‘Mum’
Fine liner and coloured felt tip pens
So my mums birthday is tomorrow, and in my creative spirits I decided to make her card this year. I normally don’t because other cards have the rights words, but I know this will mean more to her. This one is to all the mums out there, past, present and future 💕
Day 2: ‘House/Home’
A6 sketch with fine liners
Life sketch of a small wooden house that Dan bought me as a little decoration for our own home. This drawing reminds me of why I firstly do not draw tired and secondly why I am doing this project – to get back to the roots of why I create and to get back to the basics of creating.
Day 3: ‘Maroon’
Coloured felt tip pens
Random lines in various colours mould together to create bumps and hills, troughs and dips. I’ve previously doodled this in other colours and wanted to see if it worked with something so bright. I’m also hoping to fill up my sketchbook. Here’s hoping with my forever busy schedule.
Day 4: ‘Sigil’
HB Pencil
I exhausted myself over the past several weeks so I had to take a day off work and nurse the headache that I still have. With The Originals on in the background I saw several symbols, of which I replicated here in my own style. It’s amazing what we pick up from things in the background to our day-to-day lives.
What have you picked up today?
Day 5: ‘Teddy’
Crochet teddy kit with stuffing and wool
I got this kit for Christmas and I had to start it there and then. With the move I hadn’t got it out for a while until last night when I had a huge sense of determination. It’s the first teddy or bear that I’ve ever made and I cannot wait to make more in the future. So soft and completely adorable!
Day 6: ‘Primary Trio’
Felt tip coloured pen
Inspired my one of my own doodles I split it into three, with the idea of possible book marks and other products to be added to my online store. I hope that one day I’ll be able to live off of the profits off of my artwork. That’s the dream but reality can be very different.
Day 7: ‘Duck’
HB Pencil
I’ve been busy updating my online store but there’s a few things to finalise. I’ll give you all the big update on everything by the end of the week. Today though, I decided to sketch this little duck. I was told that everyone at my parents wedding got one of these little ducks, which is something similar that I would like to do at my own. A little rough sketch, but something that tugs a little at my heart strings. What’s an object that means a lot to you?
Day 8: ‘Oh Bother’
HB Pencil, Line Drawing
I’m clearly feeling nostalgic this week for Winnie the Pooh was the character of my childhood. While doing the dishes, I washed some of my plates that I used when I was a child and there he was, with the rest of the gang from the 100 Acre Wood. I almost forgot about the artwork today, ‘oh bother’ as Pooh might say.
Day 9: ‘Hanger’
Black plastic hanger and string
I wanted to try something new, something that already linked to something that I loved and macrame came to mind. This is full of flaws by that’s what makes it even more perfect. Only a tiny design but I now cannot wait to make more. I have a plan for this!
Day 10: ‘Lines’
Black fine liner
Flicking through my sketch book I couldn’t help but want to know what the inverse of one of my pages would look like. To strip it down to its simplest format. To reduce it down to a line.
Day 11: ‘Emotion’
A little experiment with watercolour as a sort of diary. The shapes, the shading and the colours were all picked out for a reason perhaps only my subconscious will know.
I returned to work today and not going to lie, put my ducks in line and it all worked out pretty well.
How was your day?
Day 12: ‘Geometry’
I reached for the watercolours again tonight for today’s artwork. I’ve got a plan for some original artwork coming soon! All based on these past two paintings. I love bringing colour back into my work.
Do you prefer colour or monochrome?
Day 13: ‘TLC’
Felt tip pen
The sudden realisation that you need to do some more life drawing when you give your fiancé an extra finger/extra large finger gap. I felt uninspired today after a long day at work. But he helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve, as he always does 💕
Day 14: ‘Original’
Pilot white super colour permanent type ink pen
A translation of designs, doodles and marks. Around two years ago I started designing shapes within a boundary, giving myself a challenge to create something simple yet effective within those lines. I want to do this again, have a limit while being totally free.
Perhaps I’ll bring colour in to this one.
Day 15: ‘Megadoku’
Watercolour, A2
A megadoku is a extra large sudoku where each number is only shown once in a column or row. This has been translated in colour with extra detail.
I’ve always loved sudoku and bringing maths and art together feels… right.
It isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes it so much more unique.
Day 16: ‘After Eight’
Biro Pen
In the corner of my eye I saw the classic after eight tin, something that was always part of Christmas, but only the adults were allowed. I wanted to figure out layering and whether it’s a good idea, or how I could get away with it.
When do you eat after eights?
Day 17: ‘Leafy layers’
Felt tip pen and highlighter
We’ve been in our house for almost a month and I’ve only just noticed the pattern within the bathroom window. Layered leaves.
I read a post from an artist I follow closely. It was simple: take inspiration from everywhere around you.
Day 18: ‘Configuration 1’
~A4, Watercolour
An abstract watercolour of shapes as they arose in my mind. Almost mindlessly, I picked out the colours and put the paintbrush to paper before fully deciding what to do.
I had the rule of thirds in my mind, just at the back though. Keeping it free for the next week with Configuration.
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 19: Configuration 2’
~A4, Watercolour
An abstract watercolour painting of whatever came to mind. I’ve had a lot of thoughts floating in my mind. I suppose in hindsight it could be a visual representation of those thoughts, leading together. On the other hand I did think of planets (as I am a little bit of an astrophysics lover).
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 20: Configuration 3’
~A4, Watercolour and fine liner
I’ve had a bit of an emotionally weird day today, where I’ve been feeling fairly neutral for much of the day, then everything coming out over dinner and hearty conversation with my love. I have to admit that I do not like this composition as much, and through the process it felt like something was missing, so I reached towards the pens and added a little bit of something new.
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 21: Configuration 4’
~A4, Watercolour and fine liner
I made a conscious decision to have no more than three distinct shapes within this piece. The cloud-like forms were then born out of a freedom of the paintbrush, and also some very loud music to drown absolutely everything out. What will the rest of the week bring?
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 22: Configuration 5’
~A4, Watercolour, fine liner and white ink pen
I’ve got a love-hate relationship with today’s painting. I kept to a minimal palette of the first four colours I chose. The shapes fall like confetti. My dislike may be due to the simplicity of the painting, and the darker nature compared to the previous days.
What do you think?
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 23: Configuration 6’
~A4, Watercolour and fine liner
Energies, flows and rhythms. This might be my favourite so far this week. Simple, large, detailed.
How’s your weekend going?
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 24: Configuration 7’
~A4, Watercolour
Is it cheating if I took inspiration from my own artwork to create another piece? I’m going to vote no, it’s just a progression of ideas.
I’ve got a little surprise for you coming in about an hour.
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
✨ Live Now ✨
Project 365: Day 24.5: Configuration 8’
~A4, Watercolour and fine liner
The bright one. The extra one. I gave up after the first five shapes as I hated it. Now, with encouragement from my love, it’s one of my favourites of the week. Bright, colourful and full.
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Project 365: Day 25: ‘Knotted’
I used the end of my tripod this time instead of a hanger. I feel like I got the hang of it much more and the square knots have gotten much neater! This was yesterday’s artwork but timing wasn’t on my side so finished it today. Hoping that all artworks from now on will be started and finished on the same day 🤞🏻
Project 365: Day 26: ‘Layered Leaves’
Coloured felt tip pen
I felt uninspired until looking over to the collection of Lindor wrappers I have on my desk. Looking back at the artwork I’ve done so far this month, the leaves, the lines and the chocolate are the elements I wanted to explore. Then was born this artwork.
Project 365: Day 27: ‘Lines’
Coloured felt tip pen
Enjoyed the meditative and relaxing state that drawing this put me in. It’s part of a series that I think I’m going to do in the next few days. Playing around with colour and lines.
Project 365: Day 28: ‘Lines V2’
Coloured felt tip pen
I swapped round the orientation of yesterday’s drawing, so that the blue was vertical and the purple was horizontal. I became really tired doing this so it ended up giving me a bit of a headache. Not that my loud music has anything to do with it either.
Project 365: Day 29: ‘Lines V3’
Coloured felt tip pen
The last of the blue and purple lined pieces but I’m now exploring with two more colour sets. I’ve drawn these three different ways – which one is your favourite?
Project 365: Day 30: ‘Lines V4’
Coloured felt tip pen
Decided to play around with colours in the previous patterns of lines. I was surprised when these actually came out as good partners. The brightness of the yellows against the richness of the greens. Got plans for one last colour combo before they hit my website as prints ✨
Project 365: Day 31: ‘Lines V5’
Coloured felt tip pen
Continuing to play around with colour in a similar design to V2. Capturing the yellows against the greens is a little difficult but I believe my photography and editing is improving. Hopefully by the end of the year it’ll be smooth running!

Original artwork of the ‘Configuration’ mini series, as well as prints of ‘Configuration’ and ‘Lines’ versions 1 to 5 can be found on my store.

The Alphabet Collection

(2020) The Alphabet Collection is a spontaneous creation of artworks in the shapes of letters and into a collection of quirky, intriguing and unique drawings. With help from ideas gathered from my followers, a total of 26 unique designs emerged.

There is a monochrome aesthetic, cinematic and photographic, drawing your eye to a moment in time or a series of flowing shapes.

This collection is due to grow in 2021.



Date: March 2020
Size: 2 x 2.5 x 2.5 ft
Material: Bamboo, twine, plaster

Gravity takes its toll when adding weight. Unpolished, it could be disturbed by a simple knock or push. Holding itself in the moment. Two materials forced into a moulded relationship, to work together, to balance. Too heavy to hold itself without support.