Category: Artwork

  • Elsa


    Date: December 2023Size: 42 cm x 59.4 cmMedium: Prismacolour Pencils Elsa This drawing was the second pet portrait commission that Charlotte accepted, and the most difficult piece of artwork that Charlotte created in 2023. Elsa was a family pet, who Charlotte loved dearly, and it was an honour to be commissioned to create this work.…

  • Plump


    Date: December 2023Size: 30 cm x 30 cmMedium: Acrylic paint Plump This painting is part of a smaller series that concentrates on elements of the face in the style that Charlotte is becoming known for. With vivid red lips and light shadows, this painting shows the danger of seduction.

  • Zoe and Emma

    Zoe and Emma

    Date: August 2023Size: 1 m x 1.5 mMedium: Acrylic Paint Zoe and Emma Continuing the series of abstract artworks, Zoe and Emma bring attitude to the collection. The painting only uses the four colours of turquoise, purple, black and white, to create two individual personalities of portraits. By using more of the purple in one…

  • Together


    Date: September 2023Size: 2.4 m x 2.4 mMedium: Masonry paint on wooden board Together This mural was painted as part of Swindon Paint Fest and the largest painting that Charlotte has produced to date. This was a design based on Reach and used opposing colours to create a large detailed design. Swindon Paint Fest was…

  • Falloch


    Date: September 2023Size: A3Medium: Fine liner pen Falloch From the doodles of sketches, this piece came about through the experimentation of size and shape. The overlapping elements of the hexagon and circles break break the optical illusion of the individual shapes.

  • Pieced


    Date: 2021Size: A5Medium: Marker pen Pieced A piece created during Project 365, this piece looked at the conjunction of the layering of shapes. By using opposing colours in each of the elements of the shapes, the eye is constantly busy analysing the shapes available, the background elements involved, as well as the swirling shapes in…