Finalist Assessment Studio 4


Date: November 2019
Size: Varying
Material: Jesmonite

Jesmonite, a material similar to plaster but with a harder solid form and a slightly different mixing technique. Jesmonite can have different colours and texture forms mixed in while producing the final mixture, giving such effects as stone. The process and technique of using jesmonite as learnt in a material session within the workshop of the department. Small shapes were formed using a balloon, or other cast blocks. Using thin plastic or a balloon produced a smooth shape with thin edges of extra strength due to the material. In one shape, blue colouring was added to the mixture before pouring it into the mould. This produced various blue hues throughout the final shape. Much like the colours chosen with the matchstick structures, the colour of the jesmonite was chosen at random. This is similar to how the colours were chosen in the works of Anthony Caro and his large scale industrial artworks. Through this experimentation, it is thought that colour or text could be used within further jesmonite pieces, or plaster pieces. Sterling Ruby uses colour to bring a state to his work that lies somewhere between fluidity and stasis. Within the blue piece, the colour was not pre-mixed allowing the colour to fluidly mix when pouring, much like in the work of Sterling Ruby. This is an element, like mentioned before, that could be taken further in other pieces.

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