Choosing A Colour Palette

Choosing a colour palette as an artist is sometimes the most difficult part of creating. You may have a concept in your head, but until you start deciding the specific colours in the material of your choice, it cannot come to life.

I enjoy working with different materials, including acrylic paints, water colour paints, and marker pens. These are materials that I wanted to explore the use of, and the diversity of their properties. When drawing vehicles, I drew from a design and image that I had previously chosen. They often went to plan, the yellows highlighting areas, with layered greys to create shadows. The Jeep is one vehicle that did not go as expected, despite choosing the colour palette carefully. Layering the browns, neutrals, and greys, created a murkiness that portrayed mud, a use of the vehicle. Perhaps it was not the intended palette, but it was effective.

This is one lesson in choosing a colour palette – even if it is not the intended effect, or the intended finished piece, you will still create a piece of artwork that you should be proud of.

Over the past year, I have mostly experimented with abstract pieces of artwork. Abstract pieces can sometimes be the most challenging to choose a colour palette for, as different colours convey something new for everyone. On top of this, if you wish to create a series, you need to determine what you wish for the series to convey.

During August, I started designing my Christmas collection. I wanted to keep my leafy designs from the collection I grew during Project 365, as well as abstract shapes and regular triangles. Colour combinations here were important to consider. When choosing the colour palette here, I wanted to stay along the traditional Christmas colours of red, green, and white, but also adding a little something extra with dark blue, light blue, and pink. These six colours have been popular in the past few years in retail outlets. The sale of these is something that I had to consider, to ensure that these were something that people wanted to purchase.

Using Posca Pens, the designs came to life on these tester pages. Using these pages, I was able to identify the designs that I wanted to proceed with. Tester pages are not always necessary, but they can provide assistance with a bigger project.

Using the same colours in varying shapes can change the palette style. The double page sketchbook spread uses the same colour palette spread over four different designs. The layering and the spacing between each of these gives a different display of texture and relationship. The third lesson I have had when choosing colour palettes is that they can always be adapted. The nature of what you create can affect the colour palette of your choice, as much as the colour palette can affect the piece that you create.

There is no right or wrong when choosing a colour palette for your piece of art. If you are unsure, you can try different things and experiment widely. During this experimentation, you may find something else that you want to explore further. Or something that you want to keep.

It’s all about finding the balance.

The Story Behind Megadoku

As part of Project 365 in May, I completed a 50 x 50 cm canvas of a 10 x 10 large sudoku on an 8 x 8 grid. Using pastel colours in acrylic paint, the calm and soft hues change throughout the day depending on the light that streams through my studio window. It was the first canvas that I have completed in a long time, and although it took several days, I feel proud of this achievement.

A sudoku can be defined as “a puzzle in which players insert the numbers one to nine into a grid consisting of nine squares subdivided into a further nine smaller squares in such a way that every number appears one in each horizonal line, vertical line, and square.”

A megadoku is generally considered a sudoku larger than this nine by nine grid. As a child, and even now as an adult, I deeply enjoy sitting down with a puzzle book and completing sudoku after sudoku after sudoku. The patterns that are within these have also intrigued me, seeing them as perhaps colours, or indeed larger artworks.

It was this inspiration of the patterns and the soothing nature of painting that inspired me to crack out a canvas. I worked through each colour, ensuring I kept to the pattern of the 10 x 10 megadoku. I was originally going to curve the pattern around the sides of the canvas as the canvas is around an inch thick. As I continued to paint the canvas, I decided to keep these sides white and clean, with the final design being the central 8 x 8 grid of the 10 x 10 megadoku.

I enjoyed the painting process of this, following the straight lines and cutting into the corners of each square. A part of me wishes to create a larger version of this, using both a bigger pattern and larger square canvas. In the meantime, I enjoy the view of this painting every day as it hangs above my desk.

New Shop

After being on Etsy these past few months, and seeing the harsh reality of being a seller on there, and wanting to expand what I sell to some of the items that I have made in my studios over the year, I have created a new online shop.

Here, you can find all original artworks and gifts that I currently have for sale, as well as discounted items from displays and last stock, as well as handmade jewellery. I will be adding to this shop throughout the year with small sketches, paintings and other works, as well as works and experimentations from university. There will be a wide range of items available, so head over there and check it out!

Project 365: September

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist.

September for me, was a month of planning, preparation and exploration. To be prepared for the fairs and events that I have booked onto in October, November, and December, I designed and started to make all of my Christmas stock. I know people start buying earlier and earlier each year, so I wanted my range to be available for all the early birds out there.

I also prepared for the Swindon and Cricklade Railway Military Weekend by designing more vehicles to print onto cards, and original artwork that I could display and sell. Exploring maths and patterns felt homely again, although by the end of the month, I was itching to do something different – yet again. I made some bigger decisions regarding my practice for next year once Project 365 has been completed. I used my creative time to think about what I really want to do, and even looked to open a new online shop in October, where it would have all my current artwork for sale.

Scroll for hints on what my Christmas range looks like, or head to my online shop to start browsing now –

244/365 – Prepping – This is a little sneak peak into the Christmas prototypes I’ve been making! Trying to make as many as I can over the next couple of days so then I can concentrate on painting some canvases over the weekend. ⠀
What are your plans for the weekend?
245/365 – Promise – I spent all night last night making prototype card fronts for all my Christmas cards and gift tags! After getting A LOT of card, I’ll be ready to start making them very soon. First, I’ll be celebrating an anniversary with my love ✨
246/365 – Designing – I’m still on a little Christmas binge to make sure I’ve prepped all my designs before I start making them more in bulk. You may have seen me asking about these colours in my stories. Which you do prefer?
247/365 – Celebrate – Got to celebrate our anniversary over the weekend. I love making individual cards for family and friends. I might share a couple others that I was super proud of. But it was really lovely to do simple things together and have a laugh too! ⠀
My new online store is well on its way and it will have all the products I have available to purchase. It will include originals, prints and gifts, and all my handmade products too! I’ll hopefully be launching it the same time as my Christmas range. 
248/365 – Planning – The last of my planning pages for the Christmas baubles! I put a poll up on my stories the other day to help decide on which colours to do as I was only going to do four… but I’ve now got prototypes of all six colours! Can’t wait to show them all to you and officially announce my Christmas collection ✨⠀
249/365 – Shh – Okay so this is the last of the Christmas posts for a little while, I promise! I just can’t believe how excited I’m getting over painting and designing baubles. 
250/365 – WIP – I’ve been working on this canvas for a couple of weeks but it was pretty much blank until today. I’ve been quickly applying small, thick layers to build up these different pinks. I’m thinking a pink morning sky with wonderful yellows, but as usual I’m not planning too much for it may all go wrong that way!
251/365 – Finally – It’s felt like weeks since I started these designs in my sketchbook but I’ve finally gotten round to starting the series of 6 on paper. The first is from the original yellow one I did. I found the pattern I was following was a bit empty so I added more yellow squares in. The pattern is no four in a row!
252/365 – II – there is so much going on behind the scenes here to prep for the next few weeks of craft shows and the big event that many celebrate at the end of the year! I’m glad I’ve been able to sit down and paint this tonight though. I can’t wait to do the others and complete the series ✨
253/365 – III – I really enjoyed painting this blue version today. It felt really peaceful and reminded me of being on the ocean, with nature.
Feeling productive this evening with some card making. How’s your day been?
254/365 – Catch Up – In preparation for the Military fair this weekend, I wanted to design some new vehicle cards that will be for sale. This is an electric plane, the first in the world (or so the article said!). It was a fascinating process to be able to get this to fly. Have a Google, you might find it interesting too ✨⠀
⠀So over the past week or so I wanted to take a little social media break, to only go on when I wanted to post, or so I planned. I ended up not posting and spending even more time scrolling! Reigning it all back in now with some controlled time to post and comment, and some more time for me and creating.
255/256 – Drawing these has been really fun and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of layering different colours to create different effects. For this one, I ended up using orange on top of the yellow, which has created that shading effect around the helicopter without using a harsh grey. ⠀
⠀Did you know, not all air ambulances are yellow?⠀
256/365 – Trains have been a major part of travel all around the world for many years. I love how each train I see has its own character. I make sure that I have a drawing a colour version of each of my vehicles so if I don’t capture that character, I can have another go ✨
257/365 – Where would a military weekend be without tanks? This one was a special request from the other half to see what it would turn out like, and the little hint of green, for me, makes it complete!⠀
⠀Don’t forget to join me this weekend at the Swindon and Cricklade Railway. ⠀
258/365 – My entire Christmas launch is not being counted towards Project 365, so I’ll be continuing with that throughout the festive period. This is adding further to the vehicles I’ve drawn as I couldn’t miss out a steam train after watching them all day at the last Swindon and Cricklade Railway event. There’s just something so calming about them 🚂 ⠀
259/365 – One thing I have missed is flying, or going to events where you can see beasts like these and support the people who travel in them. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing this piece and there’s only one more to share in this mini collection of colourful vehicles. 
260/365 – I’ve not done a design this large in a while, where I’ve had to be creative in the block colouring and the layering of the colours to create the right effect of highlights and shade. Challenging, but in a soft and playful way. ⠀
I’ve been at the Military Weekend at Swindon and Cricklade railway all day. If you missed me, we will be there again tomorrow 🚂⠀
261/365 – IV – Got back to the squares series I started after drawing the vehicles. I wanted something a little more than just the primary colours, so the secondary colours have come out. I’m still following the no connect four pattern. The purple just feels so soothing. 
262/365 – V – Its always interesting to me how different green hues react with white. For example, this green goes a slightly luminous colour without it being luminous. I feel like I’m back at secondary school in the first week of year 7, learning my colour wheel in art class. ⠀
263/365 – VI – I felt like I was bringing some sunshine in with this set of orange hues, brightening up the day. I found it slightly more difficult to achieve the range of colours that I wanted to with the orange, as whatever I put down felt like it was something that I had already done. I arrived on though to complete the series ✨⠀
264/365 – Spare – I made up a spare grid for the squares pieces in case one of them went dramatically wrong and I wanted to start again. Luckily that didn’t happen so I thought I would try the flowers on paint that I tried in my sketchbook a while back. I feel like it’s not necessarily my most successful piece in terms of what I wanted it to be like, but I enjoyed the process of the making ⠀
265/365 – Only 100 days to go, can you believe it? This year has flown by.. I’ve got so much going on at the moment, I thought about doing mini pieces but I also wanted to expand my flower drawing knowledge. I had another grid spare so I decided to go for it. On the days that I’m overwhelmingly busy, I going to add to this grid. Each square is going to be a different flower, a different plant. I’m excited to watch this one grow ✨
266/365 – Roses were yesterday and daisy flowers today. These are the two flowers I’m most comfortable with but there’s a whole grid here to fill. What flowers would you like me to draw?
267/365 – This is the first day of trying something new with these flowers. It’s been nice to sit down for a little while and just concentrate on a little square. There’s been no massive pressure to create a large finished piece every day and it’s made me enjoy the process so much more. I can also concentrate on making all my Christmas stock too!⠀
268/365 – The Swindon and Cricklade Railway Military Weekend was fantastic and I even got to sit down and do a little sketch in practice for all the commission interest I got! An ear, and a nose and tongue, taken from photos of my own bears 
269/365 – There was a gorgeous car opposite our stall on the second day of the Swindon and Cricklade Railway Military Weekend. How could I miss the opportunity to have a sketch? ⠀
270/365 – The aftermath of a fair or event is super big, getting all the stock counted and sorted, putting all the boxes away, and making sure everything is clean before the next event. So instead of doing anything big, I cracked down into another square in my flower challenge. Four squares down, sixty to go!⠀
271/365 – I’ve added a little bit to this to make it a little fuller. I’m looking at finishing this later in the year as I’ve got some exciting things to share with you first!
272/365 – New Sketchbook – I fancied trying something new so cracked out an old sketchbook that hadn’t been touched. I was instantly taken back to the doodling I did years back for a birthday present, and wanted to try it again. It felt so freeing. And it made me want to complete Inktober!⠀
Still catching up with posts so you’ll be seeing the results of Inktober soon..⠀
273/365 – Broke out the A5 sketchbook again for this one. I was inspired by some of my own patterns that I drew a couple of years ago now. You may recognise them from my bag designs too! I was a bit more free this time. This art feels more me, yet I’m still reaching for those graphite pencils to do some portraits! ⠀

Project 365: August

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. August included the first craft fair that I have done, as well as Christmas planning and preparations.

I found that August has been a month with my crystal ball, where I’ve sat down and thought about what I want to be doing in the next few years. I’ve made some smaller decisions, but I have also left some things to just have a longer think about before I make any big ones. I feel like this may have reflected in my artwork this month, with the Christmas sketches, and the works on paper.

213/365 – Well I wasn’t expecting that – so I said in August I wanted to head back to my sketchbook. Last night I grabbed my hardback A3 sketchbook, a single paintbrush and a handful of paints. Then this happened.
214/365 – Morning – I was so engrossed in painting this last night. The layers, the colours, the hairdryer. It all felt like I should be doing it. I feel like I’ve missed getting lost in my paintings like this. Time for more 🖌 ⠀
215/365 – Prepared – Last night was always about preparing for tomorrow’s craft fair! I glued over 150 bookmarks in two hours, a record that I’m tempted to beat later on in the year. I’ve got a couple of things to do before I’m completely ready. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the weather will be kind!
216/365 – The C Word – Is it too early to mention it? To plan for it? Yes, I’m talking about Christmas! It’s my second Christmas as an artist but the first time I’m selling at fairs and doing a mini Christmas range. This was a quick sketch of an idea while at the Vintage Weekend!⠀
What would you like to see?⠀
217/365 – By Hand – Did you know that all my designs are originally done by hand? I may alter them on the iPad or scan them in, but they are all original by yours truly. I’m excited to have some time off from work and perhaps expand the alphabet series again. Oh and work on my website, do some gardening, sort out the house…
218/365 – Colour – I’m really drawn to colour at the moment and had the sudden urge to grab my pencils at lunch. It isn’t the best, but it allowed me to play, and I think that’s what is important. ⠀
219/365 – Sorting – We’ve been sorting some bits out in the house that needed to be done and this beauty was in a tattered mess when I re-found her. She’s been bought back to glory with The Witcher in the background. Can you tell I’m a sucker for Lego?⠀
PS: I might even crack out the big sets soon!⠀
220/365 – Sketchbook – The watercolours are making a reappearance today with this lil number. I felt like something was missing though so I grabbed my sharpies and gold pen and got to work! I’m loving the fluid lines and shapes at the moment. No leaves though!⠀
Also don’t you love the dramatic lighting?⠀
221/365 – Hills Are Alive – With the view of colour! I got you there didn’t I? The watercolours are making another appearance but I felt flowing after the last piece. Can you tell which line I started with?⠀
222/365 – Blob – I’ve dragged out the gel pens for the past couple of paintings and honestly I love the effect! The shiny against the soft. It’s interesting to see how the gold and the silver sit different on the same colours. There’s always something to learn ✨⠀
223/365 – Catch Up – So I’ve continued to create every day but I haven’t had the time (or energy!) to post anything. I’ve had three days of craft fairs over the past two weeks and there’s another five full days over the next month. I decided to try out some watercolour paper that I’ve had for a while but it started to pool. I dabbed it with some paper but it smudged and it went completely wrong according to my head. So, I trusted myself and just went for it. And voua la!⠀
224/365 – Designing – So while I’ve been at fairs, I’ve been having a play and sketch of a few designs that can be used for cards, baubles and other Christmas related items. I know it’s only August but these designs are going to go through prototypes, redesigns and colour picking, among a hundred other bits to do with them. It’s the first year I’m taking Christmas selling seriously, and I’m having quite a lot of fun with it!⠀
225/365 – Waste – I try to make sure that nothing goes to waste that could be used as possible artwork. Remember that I tried to get the damp patches off the watercolour painting the other day? Well this is the imprint I made. I went in with one pen and an empty head and came out with this. It’s amazing what you can do when your mind is left to it!⠀
226/365 – Stickers – I’m working on something super exciting at the moment and I’ve just finished up some prototypes! With the scary season coming up I’ve made some super cute Halloween stickers which will be available soon. I have to admit that my favourite one is the little ghost.⠀
Which is your favourite?⠀
227/365 – Cutting Out – I’ve had a little play with those designs that I started the other day. I had to draw it on the iPad to get some super clean lines and then get the cricut to do its thing. I need to make some adjustments to it to make sure that they cut super smooth when I next try it out.
228/365 – Mixed – I’ve been drawn to these weird, fluid shapes recently as well as mixed colours with gold and silver. There’s something in the shimmer an sparkle that gets to me, and then how it sits on top of colours differently that’s just fascinating.
229/365 – Double Spread – I love playing around with shapes and colour at the moment and watercolour gives the instant effect that I look for in mediums nowadays, especially in my current sketchbook! Playing around with straight lines and curved shapes in layers today, a little contrast against day 228. ⠀
230/365 – Not everything goes to plan – Remember I shared those stickers? I bought some heavier duty sticker paper the other day and the laser printer and all the settings that it was supposed to work with, well, didn’t. The frustration was high so I’ve contacted the seller to see what suggestions they have and have another go soon. Fingers crossed they will be ready before my Etsy update on Wednesday! ⠀
231/365 – Seasonal – While in the middle of planning for next season, I got a little carried away with some plans that I might bring about in Spring! Love coming up with new ideas from old designs ✨⠀
232/365 – Design Design Design – I’m not going to share this whole design with you just to keep you on your toes but it’ll be available before the end of the year 🔺 it’ll be part of a series, because apparently I like these!⠀
233/365 – Tying Up – I’ve been tying up loose ends and making the last of some bits and pieces. I had a few of the designs of the bookmarks left which I decided to put on a white background. This means that there are two limited edition white and white designs out of the 200 bookmarks! ⠀
Looking back I can’t believe how much I’ve made and created this year and I’ve got some bigger pieces in the works in the background of all this ✨⠀
234/365 – Waste not want not – I try to keep my waste down and use parts of materials in other makes. While on my lunch I couldn’t help but notice a lonely bookmark that had nothing happening to it. So, I grabbed my pens and made myself a lil something 🌸⠀
235/365 – Double Sided – The bookmark came out again and the other side covered! I really played around with colour in this one, finding out which colour sits well where. For example, I think the luminous pink and the sea blue look lovely together, but the peach and dirty green were not a great match. ⠀
What colours do you like?
236/365 – Transfer – Still playing catch up with artworks that I made a few days ago now. I really enjoyed working with felt tip pens and exploring how colours sat next to each other. So I thought I’d translate it into my sketchbook and play around with a different variety of shapes!⠀
237/365 – Shine – Got out the felt tips and gel pens bought some more colour to the page! I’ve loved exploring how different colours sit next to each other, the magic of the colour wheel, and the added textures of the gel pens. I always love learning new things ✨⠀
What do you like learning about?⠀
238/365 – Down Time – Even through my down time I’m still being creative. I’ve got around 5 different cross stitch kits that I’m working my way through depending on which area of the house I’m in! This one is a little confusing so I’ve been colouring in the squares as I go on a copy of the pattern
239/365 – Slow Going – I’m not going to pretend that I don’t have bad days, I feel like I have them rather a lot. But Project 365 is getting me creative no matter what. This is just a simple sketchbook spread but I got to play with some new pens that will be put to good use over the next few months!⠀
240/365 – New Pens – I’ve always loved getting some new craft supplies and I treated myself to some gold, silver, white and black Posca pens for future exciting things (that I will be announcing soon). I decided to have a play and realised the red versus blue felt very Montague versus Capulet.⠀
Does anyone else get the same vibes?
241/365 – False Light – I love photographing with natural light but I forgot to take a photo of this one before the evening light. The pattern is inspired by a retro puzzle book I recently got with a puzzle called ‘no four in a row’, where no four noughts or crosses can be in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally!
242/365 – The Other Side – So after doing this pair, I really want to make a little series like I did with Configuration. To bring maths and art closer. As much as I’ve enjoyed doing Project 365, I’m ready to dive into bigger, longer term pieces. I’m going to continue until the end because I’m determined and I can’t wait to see what else I can do in 2021! ⠀
243/365 – Another One – Thought I’d do a little update on another cross stitch I’m working on. I started on the top left corner, got a bit bored and started on the bottom corners, and now I’ve gone back to the sky and fill in the bigger blocks of colour. I enjoy doing this one in the evenings as the printed pattern means I don’t have to concentrate as much as with other kits!⠀
Do you think I’ll be able to finish it in time to get it framed for Christmas? 

New Product Highlight – Farm Animals Notebook

Farm Animals Notebook is a hardback lined journal available here at Charlotte Abraham Art. The original, fun design includes animals that you might traditionally find on the farm. These animals include rabbits, turkeys, chickens, pigs, sheep and cows. The only detail on each of them is the little dot of an eye, giving the animals individual characters.

The hardback lined journal itself is 5 x 7″ notebook with 64 pages of lined paper. The design of the covers wraps into the inside cover, creating a professional looking notebook. With the layout of the lines on the pages, you can start from ether side of the notebook and use it for projects, rather than just for notes!

They are sturdy notebooks which are the ideal size to carry around in many different sized bags. This design is not currently available on Etsy, but is available on my website store and at craft fairs.

My First Craft Shows

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been out and about with my artwork in Swindon with my first two craft fairs EVER. These fairs included the Vintage Weekend at the Swindon and Cricklade Railway, and the Ultimate Business Fete at Covingham Primary School. I thought I would share what I’ve learnt from these two events and you’ll get a sneak peak of what my future plans are too!

Why craft fairs and other events?

I decided that I wanted to ‘get out there’ with my artwork, and make that step into the world by having a physical presence. I reached out to several different event hosts that were local to Swindon, UK, to get my name on the lists and sign ups. I dived in with three fairs in August and many more lined up during the Christmas season.

My first fair stall set up

My experience

I felt like I was pretty prepared when turning up to these first couple of fairs, with massive thanks to my close family for helping me to be that prepared. I will share a blog post with you on how I prepared for these shows later in the year.

I used wicker baskets and other small storage items to showcase my products. These worked really well and gave my stall an almost country aesthetic, which I really loved. The pop of colour from my originals and cards really caught peoples eyes, and drew them in. On a couple of days it rained, so I was really grateful that we had sides on the gazebo.

The three days of craft fairs that I had, I felt like I didn’t have as many sales as I hoped. I sat down with my other half, who helped me throughout these days, and came up with a plan to try to help the set up of my stall and the number of sales that I would get!

New card stands for my fair stalls

My next steps

I’ve decided to design more greetings cards specifically for a couple of events that I’ve got coming up, including military vehicles and trains! I’m paining some landscapes and larger abstract artworks that I will be able to bring and display.

I’ve also changed up my display with two new card stands, where you will be able to view the cards as you walk by, instead of them being overlapped by each other. This will also save on table space, where I can showcase other items!

I’ll always be adapting how I showcase my products of original artwork and gifts, and each fair that I will be doing will add to that learning experience for me. If you have any hints or ideas for what I can do during my fairs, give me a shout!

Me at one of my first craft stalls

Project 365: July

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist.

July was a month of experimentation of colour and material. I tried my first vehicle drawings, explored painting and drawing on book pages, as well as exploring my new Cricut and Lego collection. Getting serious about products changed the way I looked at the way I created some items, such as earrings and cards. July saw me on a creating binge to bring together a larger collection that I could sell at craft fairs, events, and online.

182/365 – Change – I’ve been speaking a lot about changes in my style, changes in what I paint, as well as changes in my own life. I’ve got a new job, I’ve created new products and even created a change in my habits, which, will all put me in a good step forward. There’s so many good things happening for my close friends too, and I’m so proud of them all!⠀
This is one of two tote canvas bags that I’ve painted recently with an original design. I might put them up on my Etsy or sell them at a couple of fairs that I’ll be attending soon!⠀
183/365 – Continue – I’m continuing the something different theme of this month with a mini collection of classic vehicle drawings that I’ve been doing. I’m hoping to attend a vintage fair early August, so this collection will travel with me as greetings cards! You’ll be seeing a couple others later on.⠀
184/365 – Hedwig – I decided to take a break from the artwork that I’ve been doing and crack out the second Lego set that I got for my birthday. No regrets with becoming a child again to create this sweetie who even flies!⠀
185/365 – Book – I’ve always wanted to create artwork on book pages since college, when I drew a whole series of anatomy in bio pen on pages of Eragon. I whipped out a crime story of James Patterson, cut it up, and created some juxtaposing artwork to his story. What do you make of it?⠀
186/365 – Pair – This is the second of two bikes that I drew for my new mini series of greetings cards. These are great for those who love their vintage, classic vehicles, and who love a pop of colour! They’ll be with me at the craft fairs I’m attending next month.⠀
187/365 – Earrings – As you may have seen on my stories I have been busy making expanding my knowledge of materials and making new products! These earrings are one of a kind and I’m so happy with them. There’s still some improvements that I know I need to make in my process but I can’t wait to make more already! These will be available at my August craft fairs or DM to purchase now.⠀
188/365 – Leaf It Out – Yes, yes, the leaves are still here. I love this light blue with echoing blue dots. The pen glides so smoothly over this too! I’m working on a big collection of them behind the scenes so that there will be lots of choice in my craft fairs next month! I’ll be announcing the dates of those soon, so keep an eye out.⠀
Thank you for all the support after my last reel. I’ve got several orders processing and ideas for more artwork from you all ✨⠀
189/365 – Bookmark – I got a new toy that I’ll be experimenting with. I’ve designed a whole load of original bookmarks that I can’t wait to make ✨
Do you prefer to read digitally or with a physical book?
190/365 – Grease – I’m super excited to be going to a sing-a-long showing of Grease tomorrow night after a lovely day with friends in Oxford today. It’s the first big event that I’ve had to look forward to for a little while now and who cares that we will be sitting outdoors, we get to sing to our hearts content! ⠀
Are you a fan?
191/365 – Running Out? – I know, I can’t believe it either! I seem to be running out of backgrounds that I painted. I must have made over 150 of them, both in book pages and plain pages. This is a great sign for anyone who wants to collect one to do so now while the collection is at its biggest! ⠀
I’m also thinking about doing a lucky dip of these on Etsy. What do you think?
192/365 – Bag II – This is the second tote bag that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago! I’ve just polished this one up and it’s lovely bright colours make me think of flower borders and days on the beach. What do you think of this original design?⠀
193/365 – Making – I’ve been prepping lots behind the scenes for bookmarks, earrings, craft fairs and an Etsy update at the end of the month. But I haven’t sat down and truly made anything for a while. Decided to change that and have an earring making session after work which has produced these fabulous hoops and studs!
194/365 – Colouring – Am I am artist with several colouring books and a stack of colouring sheets in my bookshelf? Yes, yes I am. I love taking a step back but still being creative, and I find that doing a colouring page really nails that!
What do you do to relax?
195/365 – Mark It – You’ll be getting a mini spam of products I’ve been working on for my first Etsy update and craft fairs next month! I’ve designed six different bookmarks which will be available with various background colours. There’s over 15 colour combinations 😍
I promise I won’t be salesy forever, just super excited!
196/365 – Dangle – As you all loved the progress of these I thought you would want to see the final set! These are original one of a kind stud earrings with big dangling hoops. They’ll be coming with me to the @swindoncrickladerailway vintage weekend 😍
197/365 – Fresh – This one is fresh from the sketchbook and ready to be packaged. Love the bright pink on this, a tropical colour for this summer heat ☀️
198/365 – Leafing It – Did you know that there are over 250 variations of the Leaf series? My aim is for original art to be affordable for everyone. This is the prime reason why this series will be one of the most affordable for any who want to collect a piece of original artwork! Each one is absolutely unique and drawn, and painted, by hand. I sign each piece of work I do on the front and back, with a little message too, so you know it’s from me ✨ 
199/365 – Which Style Next? – There are several different things that I do when choosing what to draw on which background. These include picking up a Posca pen, randomly picking a background that I’ve already painting, and putting that pen to paper. There is no order, no thought, just a connection. ⠀
And don’t worry, you haven’t been affected by the sun THAT much – there are dots on this one!⠀
200/365 – Transform – I originally started creating earrings as I wanted to transform the work of the Leaf series into something else. With the fascination of creating in new mediums, I bought a lot of polymer clay and started creating. I only did leaves on yellow and blue, but I’ll be bringing them back when making the next batch of earrings, ready for my Etsy update and craft fairs next month.⠀
What colours would you like to see?⠀
201/365 – Read It – I’ve been using book pages from one of James Pattersons’ novels. I had a huge collection and in the middle of lockdown the charity stores all around were saying no more to donations. So I decided to make it into art instead.⠀
What do you do with your old books?
202/365 – New – I’ve had a lovely couple of days catching up with family and friends. Unfortunately I’m bound to the sofa today with a shoulder injury. I want to be creating but my body is telling me no. I’ll do a little doodle later or something ✨ in the meantime, I’ve painted ten bags with the leaf designs ready for Etsy and next months fairs!
203/365 – Another One – I’m a huge fan of a good cross stitch so I started another one the other day. I mean I’ve got around five on the go but don’t worry, I’ll still be creating in my other ways 🧵 ⠀
204/365 – Weighing Down – These little shapes are paper weights that I’ve got in various colours. I’ve also been experimenting with making them into magnets. They are made of plaster that I was playing with in final year. I’m tempted to do some bulbous shapes but I don’t trust myself not to pop a balloon at the moment!⠀
205/365 – Greens – Living in the countryside I feel so lucky to be able to look out the window and see so many varieties of green 🍃 ⠀
Join me on Wednesday 28.07 for my Etsy update ✨⠀
206/365 – Making More – Spent the weekend on the sofa with an injured shoulder, but good ol me couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. I made 28 original leaf cards, folded and packaged them up. I’m thinking these will be a lucky dip on Etsy, as well as selling them at fairs ✨⠀
What’s your favourite one?
207/365 – Getting Ready – I’ve been prepping for my first Etsy update tomorrow. These may seem like nothing but they’re crucial in the production of my earrings! All the backs are handmade – drawing, cutting, hole punching and writing are all done by yours truly. Can’t wait for tomorrow!
208/365 – Beep Beep – This is part of the classic car and bike collection that I’m building up. My parents owned several classic bikes, and going to fairs, I fell in love with all of them. It’s been a few years since we’ve been but I can’t wait to take my other half to a few! ⠀
Do you drive?⠀
209/365 – Bright – I’m feeling like I need to get back to my sketchbooks and explore again. I’ve created so much for Etsy and my website and craft fairs this month that there hasn’t been much time for learning. I’ll still create to sell, but slightly differently this time.
210/365 – Big Steps – I took a huge step over the weekend and ordered all my stock for the fairs I have coming up this month! I have new products with me that won’t be available on Etsy or my store for a little while. I can’t wait to show you!⠀
211/365 – Throwback? – A little bit of a throwback to my news about bookmarks now being individually made. I’ve got more colours now! All I need to do is get them all glued together before the weekend. 10 down, around 140 to go? ⠀
212/365 – July – It has been an absolutely crazy month! I’ve prepped for three craft fairs, I’ve doubled the number of orders I’ve had and done so much all thanks to your support 💕 I’ve decided that in August I’m going to concentrate more on original pieces, growing my collections and working in my sketchbook again. I can’t wait to see what it’ll all bring. ⠀
I’ve even added to the Alphabet collection I started this time last year with a request ^^⠀
What have you got to look forward to in August?⠀

Project 365: June Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. We’ve already taken a look through the first five months of the year, but now we close the chapter on the first half.

Within June I had to take a social media break and it changed the way I produced and showed my artwork to a larger audience. I played around more with the style of my work, rather than trying lots and lots of new things. I also found myself sitting more comfortably with the natural curves of leaves, positioning myself to grow further with that recurring subject. Within my social media break, I also created a plan of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go with my artwork. I now have several craft shows lined up for August, where I will be showcasing my work in an unknown environment. I’ve turned to making more products and sending them out myself, another large change to my print on demand services. And I lastly made changes in the way I post to my social media. To draw myself away from sitting and scrolling for hours on end, I now schedule and plan my posts in advance. This will leave me more time to relax, make and ultimately be happier. June looks very same-ish, but July will bring some surprises.

152/365 – Jelly Bean – I’ve been a bit quiet, despite the scheduled posts, as my energy is on interviews for a new job as well as my Etsy opening! Depending on how this week goes I may be back before the end of the month, but I’ll be listening to my body and my mind to see how I feel first. Thank you for all sticking with me! x⠀
153/365 – Green Bean – I’ve slowly been making my way through the backgrounds that I painted a little while ago now. Some of these will be available on my Etsy, and then some others will be available in the craft and independent business shows that I will be doing in Swindon and the surrounding areas over summer! Lots of things happening behind the scenes at the moment..⠀
154/365 – Sunshine – It’s been super sunny in England these past few days and I couldn’t help pulling out this sunshine yellow colour when looking outside! What’s the weather like where you are?⠀
155/365 – Half – This has been a break that I needed to make, finding what I truly want to create, to make, to explore. I still don’t know what that answer is, but I know I’m starting to feel happier with myself. How are you feeling?⠀
156/365 – Falling Leaves – I wanted to try something a little bit different here, and just adding the falling leaves makes all the difference. It’s making me think of some designs to create in polymer. Yes, you heard that right, I’ll be playing around with polymer to create some earrings!⠀
157/365 – Little – I enjoy the symmetry some of my work is having at the moment. That simple repetition through different patterns or sizes of leaves. I often choose the leaf design depending on the colour and size of the painted shape in the background. I’ve still got over 50 of these backgrounds but some of these will be Etsy or show only exclusives, with each one being an original!
158/365 – Growing – Every time I draw a leaf, a branch, or something that comes from nature, I feel like I’m growing too. Does anyone else get that feeling too?
159/365 – Floating – With some combinations of the leaves and shapes, it sometimes looks like everything is floating. I sometimes wonder what it would look like in a frame, or mount.⠀
160/365 – Gingerbread Man – I don’t know how often you look at the shapes in the background, but sometimes they remind me of really simple things, such as jelly beans or gingerbread men. What do you see in the shapes?
161/365 – Forest – This one is a slightly different style to the other pieces I’ve drawn. Fuller. More forest like. It reminds me of the watercolour pieces I did towards the end of May with the layered branches. What do you think of the mini forest?
162/365 – Big – I’ve had some really exciting, and really big changes happen in the past few days. It has made me look forward to the future in my own careers, and I am currently in the process of making some plans. These plans will help me to de-stress and keep my head on straight. Sometimes I get too involved in the things I do, and these plans will give me the space to get some much needed fresh air. Can’t wait to come back and share everything with you x
163/365 – Sunshine – Was it me, or was yesterday just uncomfortably hot in the UK? I want to see a cracking thunderstorm and let it break some of this humidity! How are you finding the weather?⠀
164/365 – Changes – So I announced yesterday that I have some big news and changes that have been happening recently. I’m still making plans and setting others into place. Despite this, my Etsy launch is still going ahead! Don’t forget to have a look NEXT WEDNESDAY!⠀
165/365 – Style – I’ve enjoyed just creating these simple, natural pieces these past couple of weeks. It’s allowed me to still delve into lightly different styles, while also taking a break to find myself a bit more.⠀
Which has been your favourite this month?⠀
166/365 – Painting – Not only have I been adding to the collection of leaf paintings and drawings, but I’ve also been painting the house. We’ve had a room completely re-modelled and it’s looking absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to start using it as a little workshop area, so you may be seeing some different things from me soon! I’ve also got a little sewing area too, so I can sit down and have a relax there as well.⠀
167/365 – Almost Half Way – Can anyone else believe that we’re almost half way through the year? I can’t believe that my Etsy store is opening next week.. Make sure to keep tuned for some exciting products that I’ve got lined up for you with even more coming each month x⠀
168/365 – The past couple of days have been really big for me. I’ll be back within the next few days to tell you all about it. Let me just finish setting up some things first!
169/365 – Etsy – I can’t believe my Etsy store is opening THIS Wednesday! Many of the leaves will be Etsy exclusive products and you’ll be seeing all my greetings cards there too. I’m currently experimenting with clay and plaster, with a sneak peak coming soon.⠀
Comment an emoji if you’re excited!⠀
170/365 – Push – I pushed myself a little hard the other day and did too much. It’s given me a little setback with things but I feel like things are falling into place. How are you?⠀
I’m still exploring with the shapes and leaf designs – these could go on forever but I’m feeling some bigger pieces on canvas again, as well as a smaller collection.⠀
171/365 – Countdown – ONE DAY to go until my Etsy launch! I’m getting more excited about this as each day goes. In the meantime, I’m still drawn to these falling leaves alongside the climbing stalk. ⠀
172/365 – Scared – I’m going to be honest, I am super scared that my Etsy store isn’t going to be as successful as I hope it will be. I know from experience that there are good months and bad months, however there is always doubt. Any small/independent businesses here get the same feeling?⠀
Etsy store open TOMORROW!⠀
173/365 – Square – As they say ‘be there or be square’. Head to the link in my bio to check out my Etsy store which has now officially launched! I’m super excited for you to see what you can buy from myself and other independent businesses there. ⠀
Link in bio.⠀
174/365 – Invite – I got an invitation to an evening of music and art in a local gallery for this weekend. I’m so glad things are opening back up again and the majority of people are keeping safe while enjoying the things they love doing. Hopefully now, everyone in the village will go on a family walk at different times too!⠀
175/365 – Bean – I’ve still got loads of these backgrounds and sometimes that feels overwhelming, however the more I do the more I want to create! I’ve almost created 100 different ones now. Have you found your favourite?
Comment below!⠀
176/365 – Square Windows – These little squares peak out into the bright blue sky as the leaves and vines grow over. Finding these smaller leaves through the watercolour and fine liner pieces earlier in the month changed how I drew these shapes. There will only be a handful more as I move onto slightly different things next month!⠀
177/365 – Weather – With the weather being so rainy, grey and dark the past week, it was wonderful to spend the day in London with gorgeous blue skies a couple of days ago. It made me pull this sunshine yellow background for todays art of the day!⠀
178/365 – Climb – Leaves are something incredibly powerful. They help things grow, sustain life, and are ultimately quite beautiful looking. ⠀
What are your favourite plants?⠀
179/365 – Mixing Up – I’ve got a new job and got my weekends and evenings free! This means I have a select time that I can create and do artwork. I’ve been mixing it up a bit behind the scenes already which you’ll be seeing next month. Let me just create a few more of these first!⠀
180/365 – Simple – With all the dots and branches, I headed back to a simple leaf. Sometimes you cannot beat the basics!⠀
181/365 – Collection – Leaves has grown into quite the collection with almost 100 pieces! Each one is individual and sometimes I don’t understand how I can keep going with these but then I find another way to draw, another way to create. Project 365 has led me to do so many things that I wouldn’t have usually done. I’ve inspired, I’ve created, I’ve continued. The past six months has been a game changer for me and to look forward to what my artwork will look like in another six months time feels impossible. But I do know that I will still be here, and I will still be creating artwork.

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Etsy Store Launch

The Charlotte Abraham Art Etsy store opened today. This Etsy store will sit in conjunction with the store already on, however there will be Etsy exclusive products released each month. Greetings cards, more expensive originals, and prints, will be available on both stores. Etsy exclusives will include cheaper originals (Under £50), as well as the most popular greetings card designs of the past couple of months.

As I experiment further with materials and products, there will be several things that you may not be able to find on one store, but you will be able to find on the other. On top of this, I will be attending several craft fairs throughout the year and these will, again, have exclusive products that are not available online.

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