Bath Art Open Prize Exhibition 2023

The Bath Art Open Prize is one of those exhibitions that I entered without expectation, however I knew that my entry fee would be going to produce a fantastic series of events at the Bath Fringe 2024. It was therefore completely unexpected that I received an email stating that my piece Lines had been chosen to be exhibited alongside 104 other artists.

We had just finished for the day at the last weekend of Swindon Open Studios 2023. I was lucky that the piece was not only with me, but also in this case that it had not sold so that I could prepare it for display in bath.

The Friday of the private launch was one that a few will remember for the weather. There was a moment that we thought that we wouldn’t make it, however I was very happy when we arrive in Bath and made our way to 44AD Gallery, just next to the Bath Cathedral courtyard.

Despite arriving in the last half an hour of the launch evening, the exhibition was still packed with visitors, fellow displaying artists, and those who have assisted throughout the set up of the exhibition. It was very surreal to walk in the door and see my piece hanging in the center of the first wall you see. It was accompanied by several other works that complemented each other, while also standing out as individual pieces.

The exhibition spanned 4 rooms, including a basement and split corridor, and showcased photography, painting, sculpture and performance. The coordination of the pieces complemented the space of the gallery, and allowed the pieces to flow between each other. I was, and I still am, proud to be part of such an exhibition.

The exhibition will be open at 44AD ArtSpace, 4 Abbey St, Bath (BA1 1NN), from the 12th to the 28th of October 2023. The exhibition is free to visit and you can vote for the winner of the People’s Choice award, where the artist with the most votes will receive a £50 art voucher donated by Minerva Art Supplies.

Find more about Fringe Arts Bath, and the Bath Open Art Prize Exhibition on their website:


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