The final edit of the film was made with music from Traditional Chinese Music, taken off of YouTube, mixed with my own Script, adapted from several traditional Chinese operas and music including; The Old Man in the Moonlight and Zui Lang Man De Shi – The Most Romantic Thing. The mask was used from the last film, Red Angel Chinese Opera, as I felt that these characters were very similar in their experiences of romance.
I found that I was happier with this final edit compared to the final edit of Red Angel, as this version was more Chinese orientated. This was due to the change in the hair style and the added extra of the Chinese music at intervals. I am, however, still slightly unsure of the video due to personal confidence of acting and work, and also the direction of which this could take until comments are made upon the work.

Comments on this piece included that it was still too long. People knew the classic love story, and were quickly finding it boring, and thus I decided on a three minute limit to my next piece. This keeps the story short and sweet, while also being able to add the necessary elements of the opera, without it being an overdose. I also wanted to add in more Chinese music in order to see the cultural effect that it has. Layering on top of this, I would also want to add in black and white clips of Chinese operas, in order to create a clearer link between my own piece and the opera scene. Lastly, I would like to try out the green screen in order to see if I am able to add this into my work, or whether this makes it more difficult to work with.


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