Size: NA
Date: December 2019
Medium: Bamboo, plaster, jesmonite, twine, electrical tape, nails

Balancing, Holding, Relating. A focus on materiality and construction with the every day. Gravity, tension and a harmony amongst opposition is taken into account through the interaction with the environment.

Percolate is there to make you think differently about the building; perhaps in the way you physically interact with it, showcasing the smaller forgotten elements and details hidden in each of the rooms of the unique building, or what the building is and how we view it.

Through the use of sculpture, natural and modern building materials, Abraham is able to consider her own application of simplicity and tension.


Date: October 2019
Size: Varying
Material: Plaster

Everyday lost details and elements taken for granted, cast in between the lines of beauty and dys/function. Continually invisible in plaster. Increased character of material, detracting meaning and adding crevices.

Enkindle Cube

Date: October 2019
Size: Varying
Material: Natural wood matchsticks, super glue

The act of balancing simple shapes – the sense that nothing is holding them up except for themselves. Using gravity, tension, and structure of architecture, balancing cubes on their corners or using the tension to hold them at angles. Repetition, multiplication and relationship.

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