Artist Influences and Research Studio 1

Black Panther Party´╗┐

Black Panther Part Poster, Political prints Flyers and posters have always been one of the cheapest, quickest and most anonymous ways of showing political stands. The Black Panther Party often uses this technique with direct and confrontational text such as An Attack Against One Is An Attack Against All The Slaughter of Black People Must […]

Autumn Assessment 2016 Studio 1

Project 1.0 Political Prints

FIRST PROJECT OF THE YEAR! (Not including the summer project.) So from the Introduction to Political Prints session that we had, we were given the task of producing our own political prints. Here was our task debrief; Art has had a troubled relationship with propaganda, which is frequently seen as overly didactic. The history of […]

Studio 1

The beginning…

This is the start of my third blog, but this one will be very different compared to those as this blog follows my art journey through the next four years at the University of Reading. So just to introduce myself a little; I come from Swindon, I’m in my first year of a BA in […]