Date: May 2020Size: 1.3 x 1.24 x 2 mMaterial: Bamboo, twine, plaster, sellotape Coalesce “To come together to form a single unit” Arms of plaster support forms of bamboo. Stretching the limits of the relationship between the materials and space. Fighting balance, tension and gravity. A constant stream is drawn with bamboo and plaster.

Hexahedron Wafer

Date: April 2020Size: Under 3 x 3 cmMaterial: Matchsticks, tissue paper and glue Planning, preparing, balancing. Producing transformable structures, under gravity and tension. Small scale weight to determine a future of sculptural installation that encompasses an area.


Date: March 2020Size: 2 x 2.5 x 2.5 ftMaterial: Bamboo, twine, plaster Gravity takes its toll when adding weight. Unpolished, it could be disturbed by a simple knock or push. Holding itself in the moment. Two materials forced into a moulded relationship, to work together, to balance. Too heavy to hold itself without support.


Date: March 2020Size: 2 x 2 ftMaterial: Bamboo, red wool, brown wool, blue wool, white wool Tepid or harsh. Soft against solid. Natural materials coming together to intersect and encompass. Exploring tension, fluidity, stasis. Blend in to the bamboo, or contrast against it. Linking and weaving together. Planning, preparation.

Bamboo Fissure

Date: March 2020Size: 2 x 2 x 2 ftMaterial: Bamboo, twine, wool Tightening joints, making barriers and creating tension. Sturdy cube, gravity acting upon its weight. A methodological working of the twine, to intersect the bamboo and create it’s simple innocence. A series of linked, transformable items.


Date: February 2020Size: 2 x 2.5 mMaterials: Bamboo, electrical tape, twine, plaster Reflecting surrounding architecture in its primal form. Balancing, holding, relating. Tighter connection of bamboo, playing with gravity and tension. Exploration into the capabilities of material.


Date: February 2020Size: Varying, <20 cmMaterial: Plaster Calming and curved, pumped up to reflect spaces of the every day within the environment. Larger, more potent in the space, providing gravity and tension to lighter areas.

Conjugated Cubes

Date: January 2020Size: 15 cm x 7 cmMedium: Wooden matchsticks Balancing, holding each other in suspended motion. Natural material highlights the points of contact. Repetition, multiplication and relationship with gravity and tension.


Size: NADate: December 2019Medium: Bamboo, plaster, jesmonite, twine, electrical tape, nails Balancing, Holding, Relating. A focus on materiality and construction with the every day. Gravity, tension and a harmony amongst opposition is taken into account through the interaction with the environment. Percolate is there to make you think differently about the building; perhaps in the …


Date: December 2019Size: NAMaterial: Bamboo, electrical tape, twine Two bamboo sticks create disparity in the straightness of edges, combining themselves with cloaked tape and wrapped twine. Curving around a doorway, creating tension and balance, caressing contrasting bulbous forms.

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