The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Summer Exhibition is one that is highlighted in many artists calendars. My work Lines was selected as part of the show, and chosen to be displayed on the second floor of the gallery.

During the opening night of the exhibition, eight artworks were presented with awards including a first prize, second prize, and six highly commended artworks. I was unfortunately unable to attend the private view evening, however I was shortly informed that I had won one of the Highly Commended certifications.

From here, I was invited to speak at the Artist Talk being held on the 22nd of June alongside other artists who had won some of the other awards in the show. This was an honour to be able to speak to other artists and members of the public about my practice, and a piece that is so very different to the rest of the work that I produce. Lines is a very intuitive, methodical and meditative piece. The way in which I allow my hand to control the flow of the piece, instead of my head leading my hand allowed others to see the way in which I connect to my work.

A huge thank you to Royal Birmingham Society of Artists for displaying my work, the Highly Commended award and allowing me to speak at the Artist Talk event.


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