Secret Submissions, Swindon Arts Festival

The Swindon Arts Fringe, or Swindon Arts Festival, is a locally organised and hosted set of exhibitions to bring artwork to new areas of the town. This includes parts of the historic Carriageworks, as well as community hubs such as Artsite and Swindon Hub.

At each location, a different exhibition was being held in collaboration with artists who submitted exhibition ideas through to curating the spaces. The Secret Submissions exhibition was being held in the Carriageworks, along Station Road. Artists were invited to submit a postcard sized piece of work that could be completely random, in their own style, or portray a certain message. The artists were given completely free reign.

I had two artworks within this exhibition, but as the title suggests, I will keep them as secret submissions. Have a look at the exhibition area below to try and see if you can spot the two that I submitted.


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