Celebrating One Year

Charlotte Abraham Art started after I left University, and wanting to begin my steps in the art world. After loosing my interest over several months as my degree ended, I was encouraged to start again by producing the alphabet.

In my first year of university, we were asked to draw our own version of the alphabet. This was a piece that I took pride in, and a piece that I still cherish today. I mixed several fonts, styles, and even languages to create a mish-mash of overlapping letters that resemble the alphabet. This grew to become a full alphabet in 26 different styles, beginning at the very start. These were printed onto cards, and Charlotte Abraham Art was born.

Throughout the past year, I have created over 300 different original artworks and designs. These are originals that stand on their own, or designs I have digitally created and printed onto different products such as mugs, coasters, notebooks, and cards.

This has been a great journey for me, and has shown me how a lot of different things work in the wider world. Many of these things I had to learn through trial and error, for example which kind of craft shows and markets are better suited for my artwork and products, or the way I list things online. Some of these have been expensive, I’m not going to lie, like the use of Etsy listings. I have found that Etsy is good for those who are established, and who are guaranteed sales, but not for a starter like me. My own website and online shop gets more views per day, but that is another story for another time.

One year in the future seems like a long way away, but looking back, this past year has flown by. Take a look through my blog now to see exactly what I have been up to and sign up to my mailing list to keep up to date in the future.

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