How do you stay motivated creating art?

It can be a difficult challenge to stay motivated when creating, and everyone has different ways they like to keep themselves in the spirit. The creation of artwork is only a part of what I do as an artist. There is the admin work, the photography, the organising, the social media work, and the list could go on.

For the past few months, creating a piece of artwork every day has been my challenge with Project 365. I’ve had lulls where I didn’t want to continue and complete it all, as it is difficult to come up and do something. Every. Single. Day. But in my little studio here in Wiltshire, I have countless pieces of artwork that I have started and not completed over the years. I’m opening up sketchbooks to half finished pages, things that I’ve wanted to complete. I feel like everyone has things like that, whether it be a piece of artwork, a bit of housework, something that you start, but never get completed.

But how do I stay motivated?

Although Project 365 has been difficult, it has been one of my main motivators this year. After leaving university a year ago, I did not know what to do with myself. There was a challenge of how to get myself out into the world with things that people want to buy, as well as ensuring that I wanted to create what I was making. Through Project 365 I have continued my exploration of materials and processes, making it fun and interesting. This has led me down several different paths of creating, and ultimately into the world of craft fairs. I’ve been making some big decisions about these, but that’s for another blog post towards the end of the year.

Having a play has been really important too, as this has led me down paths of creating that feel childish, but also very free. Remember those times where you would tear, or cut up pieces of paper and stick the down in a random order? Or draw a random squiggly line and then colour in the shapes that it made with different patterns or colours? That’s what has helped to keep me going. Reverting back to childhood art, and refreshing myself from the day to day of adult life.

My other, and arguably by biggest motivator to create art, is my other half. I could spend half an hour describing every way he helps me to keep going from making sure I have a glass of water (and that I drink it!), to helping out at craft fairs, to making sure I have a space that I want to create in.

Everyone will have different motivators to create artwork. Right now, Project 365, having a play, and my other half are my biggest motivators. If you don’t feel particularly motivated, try something different, something small, something you might not know what it will be like in the end. That’s all you may need to get your creativity flowing again.

What motivates you?

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