Project 365: August

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. August included the first craft fair that I have done, as well as Christmas planning and preparations.

I found that August has been a month with my crystal ball, where I’ve sat down and thought about what I want to be doing in the next few years. I’ve made some smaller decisions, but I have also left some things to just have a longer think about before I make any big ones. I feel like this may have reflected in my artwork this month, with the Christmas sketches, and the works on paper.

213/365 – Well I wasn’t expecting that – so I said in August I wanted to head back to my sketchbook. Last night I grabbed my hardback A3 sketchbook, a single paintbrush and a handful of paints. Then this happened.
214/365 – Morning – I was so engrossed in painting this last night. The layers, the colours, the hairdryer. It all felt like I should be doing it. I feel like I’ve missed getting lost in my paintings like this. Time for more 🖌 ⠀
215/365 – Prepared – Last night was always about preparing for tomorrow’s craft fair! I glued over 150 bookmarks in two hours, a record that I’m tempted to beat later on in the year. I’ve got a couple of things to do before I’m completely ready. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the weather will be kind!
216/365 – The C Word – Is it too early to mention it? To plan for it? Yes, I’m talking about Christmas! It’s my second Christmas as an artist but the first time I’m selling at fairs and doing a mini Christmas range. This was a quick sketch of an idea while at the Vintage Weekend!⠀
What would you like to see?⠀
217/365 – By Hand – Did you know that all my designs are originally done by hand? I may alter them on the iPad or scan them in, but they are all original by yours truly. I’m excited to have some time off from work and perhaps expand the alphabet series again. Oh and work on my website, do some gardening, sort out the house…
218/365 – Colour – I’m really drawn to colour at the moment and had the sudden urge to grab my pencils at lunch. It isn’t the best, but it allowed me to play, and I think that’s what is important. ⠀
219/365 – Sorting – We’ve been sorting some bits out in the house that needed to be done and this beauty was in a tattered mess when I re-found her. She’s been bought back to glory with The Witcher in the background. Can you tell I’m a sucker for Lego?⠀
PS: I might even crack out the big sets soon!⠀
220/365 – Sketchbook – The watercolours are making a reappearance today with this lil number. I felt like something was missing though so I grabbed my sharpies and gold pen and got to work! I’m loving the fluid lines and shapes at the moment. No leaves though!⠀
Also don’t you love the dramatic lighting?⠀
221/365 – Hills Are Alive – With the view of colour! I got you there didn’t I? The watercolours are making another appearance but I felt flowing after the last piece. Can you tell which line I started with?⠀
222/365 – Blob – I’ve dragged out the gel pens for the past couple of paintings and honestly I love the effect! The shiny against the soft. It’s interesting to see how the gold and the silver sit different on the same colours. There’s always something to learn ✨⠀
223/365 – Catch Up – So I’ve continued to create every day but I haven’t had the time (or energy!) to post anything. I’ve had three days of craft fairs over the past two weeks and there’s another five full days over the next month. I decided to try out some watercolour paper that I’ve had for a while but it started to pool. I dabbed it with some paper but it smudged and it went completely wrong according to my head. So, I trusted myself and just went for it. And voua la!⠀
224/365 – Designing – So while I’ve been at fairs, I’ve been having a play and sketch of a few designs that can be used for cards, baubles and other Christmas related items. I know it’s only August but these designs are going to go through prototypes, redesigns and colour picking, among a hundred other bits to do with them. It’s the first year I’m taking Christmas selling seriously, and I’m having quite a lot of fun with it!⠀
225/365 – Waste – I try to make sure that nothing goes to waste that could be used as possible artwork. Remember that I tried to get the damp patches off the watercolour painting the other day? Well this is the imprint I made. I went in with one pen and an empty head and came out with this. It’s amazing what you can do when your mind is left to it!⠀
226/365 – Stickers – I’m working on something super exciting at the moment and I’ve just finished up some prototypes! With the scary season coming up I’ve made some super cute Halloween stickers which will be available soon. I have to admit that my favourite one is the little ghost.⠀
Which is your favourite?⠀
227/365 – Cutting Out – I’ve had a little play with those designs that I started the other day. I had to draw it on the iPad to get some super clean lines and then get the cricut to do its thing. I need to make some adjustments to it to make sure that they cut super smooth when I next try it out.
228/365 – Mixed – I’ve been drawn to these weird, fluid shapes recently as well as mixed colours with gold and silver. There’s something in the shimmer an sparkle that gets to me, and then how it sits on top of colours differently that’s just fascinating.
229/365 – Double Spread – I love playing around with shapes and colour at the moment and watercolour gives the instant effect that I look for in mediums nowadays, especially in my current sketchbook! Playing around with straight lines and curved shapes in layers today, a little contrast against day 228. ⠀
230/365 – Not everything goes to plan – Remember I shared those stickers? I bought some heavier duty sticker paper the other day and the laser printer and all the settings that it was supposed to work with, well, didn’t. The frustration was high so I’ve contacted the seller to see what suggestions they have and have another go soon. Fingers crossed they will be ready before my Etsy update on Wednesday! ⠀
231/365 – Seasonal – While in the middle of planning for next season, I got a little carried away with some plans that I might bring about in Spring! Love coming up with new ideas from old designs ✨⠀
232/365 – Design Design Design – I’m not going to share this whole design with you just to keep you on your toes but it’ll be available before the end of the year 🔺 it’ll be part of a series, because apparently I like these!⠀
233/365 – Tying Up – I’ve been tying up loose ends and making the last of some bits and pieces. I had a few of the designs of the bookmarks left which I decided to put on a white background. This means that there are two limited edition white and white designs out of the 200 bookmarks! ⠀
Looking back I can’t believe how much I’ve made and created this year and I’ve got some bigger pieces in the works in the background of all this ✨⠀
234/365 – Waste not want not – I try to keep my waste down and use parts of materials in other makes. While on my lunch I couldn’t help but notice a lonely bookmark that had nothing happening to it. So, I grabbed my pens and made myself a lil something 🌸⠀
235/365 – Double Sided – The bookmark came out again and the other side covered! I really played around with colour in this one, finding out which colour sits well where. For example, I think the luminous pink and the sea blue look lovely together, but the peach and dirty green were not a great match. ⠀
What colours do you like?
236/365 – Transfer – Still playing catch up with artworks that I made a few days ago now. I really enjoyed working with felt tip pens and exploring how colours sat next to each other. So I thought I’d translate it into my sketchbook and play around with a different variety of shapes!⠀
237/365 – Shine – Got out the felt tips and gel pens bought some more colour to the page! I’ve loved exploring how different colours sit next to each other, the magic of the colour wheel, and the added textures of the gel pens. I always love learning new things ✨⠀
What do you like learning about?⠀
238/365 – Down Time – Even through my down time I’m still being creative. I’ve got around 5 different cross stitch kits that I’m working my way through depending on which area of the house I’m in! This one is a little confusing so I’ve been colouring in the squares as I go on a copy of the pattern
239/365 – Slow Going – I’m not going to pretend that I don’t have bad days, I feel like I have them rather a lot. But Project 365 is getting me creative no matter what. This is just a simple sketchbook spread but I got to play with some new pens that will be put to good use over the next few months!⠀
240/365 – New Pens – I’ve always loved getting some new craft supplies and I treated myself to some gold, silver, white and black Posca pens for future exciting things (that I will be announcing soon). I decided to have a play and realised the red versus blue felt very Montague versus Capulet.⠀
Does anyone else get the same vibes?
241/365 – False Light – I love photographing with natural light but I forgot to take a photo of this one before the evening light. The pattern is inspired by a retro puzzle book I recently got with a puzzle called ‘no four in a row’, where no four noughts or crosses can be in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally!
242/365 – The Other Side – So after doing this pair, I really want to make a little series like I did with Configuration. To bring maths and art closer. As much as I’ve enjoyed doing Project 365, I’m ready to dive into bigger, longer term pieces. I’m going to continue until the end because I’m determined and I can’t wait to see what else I can do in 2021! ⠀
243/365 – Another One – Thought I’d do a little update on another cross stitch I’m working on. I started on the top left corner, got a bit bored and started on the bottom corners, and now I’ve gone back to the sky and fill in the bigger blocks of colour. I enjoy doing this one in the evenings as the printed pattern means I don’t have to concentrate as much as with other kits!⠀
Do you think I’ll be able to finish it in time to get it framed for Christmas? 

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