Project 365: May

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist.

May saw the experimentation between acrylic and watercolour paints, as well as stretching the boundaries of bold and washed. I created a couple of my favourite sketchbook spreads using acrylic paint including a yellow ochre abstract piece, and a pink-based skyscape. I could feel myself slipping in different ways, so I prepared for a social media break in June. Take a look to see what I created in May below.

121/365 • Beginning • We’ve sprung into May which is including April showers and gorgeous sunshine where I live. I’ve got so much planned for May and I can’t wait to show you! Carrying on with the smooth A4 pieces that splodge on the page, and have a relaxing leaf accompanying it.
122/365 • Questions • Sometimes I think I’ve taken my art a step too far, then I take a step back and look at my journey. So glad to have challenged myself this year. One more pink to go! ✨
123/365 • Laugh • Despite the weather change here in the UK I hope everyone had something to smile and laugh about today, on World Laughter Day! I got really excited to post this earlier then found I didn’t take any photos earlier! I was not impressed but managed to have a catch up with a good friend after a couple of weeks. How has your Monday gone?
124/365 • New • Decided to try the thing I’ve been planning for a while. This is a sewn design on a painted canvas. The execution of this was different to how I anticipated so I need to do some more experiments first!
125/365 • Mauve • I love how many colours there are and how they each interact with each other. I was busy painting all day yesterday and created over 50 backgrounds. They include this lovely purple, a light green and a light blue! Can’t wait to create more ✨
126/365 • Baby Blue • Created a whole load of gorgeous baby blue backgrounds the other day. A simple painted shape with posca pen detail layered over the top. I have to admit I really like this one.
What’s been your favourite so far?
127/365 • Orange = Peach • Mixed up some brilliant orange and white the other day which created this interesting colour! It’s slightly reflective and shines bright when there’s a bit of light on it, and then it’s very pale in the meantime. As though it’s resting. A bit strange but I have a few more to experiment with ✨

Hope everyone has had a good week
128/365 • Almost • I’ve been painting so much today I almost forgot about today’s artwork and post! I’ve created so many backgrounds, some of which will be artworks that you can purchase when my Etsy store is up and running ✨ hope everyone’s weekend is treating you well!
129/365 • Pastel Megadoku • A 10×10 megadoku design on an 8×8 grid on a 50x50cm canvas. Although I used pastel colours in the acrylic paints, the individual hues change throughout the day. This is the first canvas I’ve finished in a long time and I feel super proud of it. I’ve got it hung up over my desk at the moment but I’m hoping to see it travel the world ✨
130/365 • Ripped • I haven’t touched my sketchbook in ages, so I thought I’d crack it out today. Ripped up book pages with posca marker in a new kind of fashion. It was super quick and easy and really fun to do ✨
131/365 • Sunshine • It’s been raining for most of the day today so I thought I would brighten it up with a spring clean and a yellow painting. How’s your day been?
132/365 • Colour • did the page on the right today, mixing up a couple of different styles. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the simplicity of the piece as well as working in my sketchbook again.
133/365 • Scraps • I had some more paper left over from a few other experiments a while back, so I thought I would continue using them. It’s interesting to see how I lay them out versus when I stick them down as the pattern always changes! It’s also made me think of a new idea 💡
134/365 • TLC • Starting to give a little more love and appreciation to my sketchbook again. Getting back to experimenting and doodling, I’m beginning to feel in my groove. I’ve got loads to do before my Etsy is up and running but sign up to my mailing list via the link in bio to find out when that is happening —
135/365 • Peeling • Changed things up and did a double spread for today. I didn’t plan it, I just grabbed my paint and went for it. I was really relaxed while painting this and peeling the washi tape off after was so satisfying! Keep an eye out for the video 👀
136/365 • Planned • I pre-planned this piece and it all went wrong. It is nothing like I wanted it to be and it just, feels… wrong. This is why I don’t plan my pieces, because I can’t meet that high preconception I have in my head. Back to not planning tomorrow!
137/365 – Morning – I decided to give Ems Art Club a go with the prompt ‘morning’. Each month @emhow1 will be giving a different prompt and letting us free with our interpretations. I saw the sunset a couple of nights ago and thought of these colours, then let myself loose. It was freeing compared to last nights piece.
138/365 • Blue Moon • After yesterday’s attempt I thought I would keep it simple. I’m still really drawn to these leaf shapes (no pun intended) and felt like this blue really matched my mood. I’m not down, just mellow. Planned some things and put my gears into motion with others
139/365 • Sew Me • This is my second attempt at sewing into a canvas and I feel like it was more successful. I changed up my tactics and poked the holes first, used a shorter length of thread and a bigger needle. I’ve got two more to experiment with and as much as I’ve enjoyed it, I may move on. Let’s see!
140/365 • Bold • I tried to create my ‘vision’ again but it doesn’t sit right with me still. I think I might go back to something softer now. Something that shows the versatility of the watercolours I’ve cracked out again!
141/365 • Change • I can feel it coming. Another change in my style. I’ve loved working with bold colours and sharp shapes, but I’m leaning to softer things, more natural things. You’ll still be seeing my geometry work on my Etsy opening and store update next month!
Join me tomorrow to find out the date ✨
142/365 • Red Light At Morning Shepherds Warning • I enjoyed the simplicity and intricacy of detail in yesterday’s piece so I decided to experiment with my backgrounds. The bright orange definitely gives it a different feel and makes me think of bush fires or a harsh sunset.
What does it make you think of?
143/365 • Simplicity • I kept with a thinner pen today as I drew over the mixed blues and greens. I’m really loving leaves still, staging them in from my more abstract pieces. I’ve got an idea of what I want to do tomorrow, but I won’t plan it too hard or I know it will all go wrong.
What’s your favourite time of day?
144/365 • Square • Okay yes I planned out this piece. But since creating it, I haven’t hated it, but rather it’s grown on me. The tape that ripped the page has given it character, the little leaves are individual. I quite like it.
How has your Tuesday been?
145/365 • Trying • I enjoyed yesterday’s delicate leaves and the larger bright shapes, so I thought I would combine the two. I created a few different patterns and it’s made me super excited for my Etsy opening.
I didn’t feel too well at work today though so I had to take it steady while drawing on the sofa. Plenty of liquids and tablets for me tonight!
146/365 – Quiet – Some of you may have noticed I’ve gone a bit quiet again. It’s because I’m taking a break from social media. I’m not sure how long I’ll be taking a break for, but as I’m still growing my practice and my business, I think it’s important to share what I’ve been getting up to. I’ll be scheduling my daily artwork, product reviews and get to know me Tuesdays so you can keep up with the fun. I’ll be back⠀
147/365 – Blood Moon – Did you know that recently in / around Australia there was a blood moon? The random things we ask google grows by the day. I’m enjoying the simplicity of these pieces at the moment, and hope they kind of reset me before diving into something more long-term.⠀
148/365 – Rounded Blue – Circles are surprisingly hard to create when attempting to freehand it in a paintbrush that has seen at least 20 other different shapes. It does give it a little kick, a little personality though.⠀
149/365 – Juxtaposition – Is it me or do people feel extra fancy when they throw in an extra long word into a casual sentence? In that case, I thought I would mention that this piece feels like a juxtaposition to the bright weather that we are currently experiencing.⠀
How’s the weather for you right now?⠀
150/365 – Behind The Scenes – I’m still here behind the scenes doing my artwork of the day. It all seems a little repetitive at the moment, but I’m still trying to fully relax and kind of reset myself.⠀
How are you?
151/365 – Where Did May Go – Does anyone else think that May just began? I can’t believe how quickly this year is going. I mean, I’m super excited for next year with the wedding and everything that comes with the future, but can I have a moment, to, well, live in the moment?⠀

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