Project 365: April Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. We’ve already taken a look through January and February, as well as March, and we now head into the review of month four.

April saw me head more into geometry and experimenting with space. Leaves and the dotted shapes are a prominent part of my work and continue to be a motif throughout. I started a new project within Project 365, developing ideas for exhibitions. Looking back, I’m not sure what to say about April, as it was a busy month that leads into another busier month. I stuck my head down and just got on with it.

Project 365: Day 91: ‘Geometry’
Watercolour paint
I think I’m going to stick with the geometry for a while as that’s where I’m comfortable and enjoying myself! Currently playing around with the layering of shapes with watercolour. I’m thinking of swapping to acrylics soon but the watercolours are definitely easier to work with after a long day!
What are your favourite shapes?
Project 365: Day 92: ‘Playing Around’
Watercolour paint
Continuing to play around with shapes tonight and I found that the larger shapes work better than lots of small ones. I’m thinking about layering again with the leaves and patterns and working with acrylic too. I’ve got lots of other things planned in my head, ideas for the future!
Project 365: Day 93: ‘Pastel’
Watercolour paint
Working with a softer palette tonight which makes all the difference to the piece. Doing all these geometric paintings has really made me want to get a canvas out and start painting! Let’s see what tomorrow brings, painting or sewing, I know I’ll end up doing one of the two!
Project 365: Day 94: ‘Pastel’
Coloured pencil
I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday and enjoying the sun! I thought I would get back to basics with coloured pencils today, getting a softer approach than my usual water colour. The difference in material was appreciated and made me want to get onto canvases even more!
I also had to photograph the page upside down as it’s majorly curling from the water colour yesterday.
Project 365: Day 95: ‘Simple’
Graphite pencil
I kept it a short and sweet artwork today as I went home from work half way through my shift, not feeling well. It’s the first time I’ve gotten out of bed since then as I was determined to get some food and create, even if it is only a little something. This is also my ‘planning process’ for my pieces. There’s no actual planning involved, or preconception of what it is going to look like. I just know it’s going to involve geometry.
I hope your Monday has been good ✨
Project 365: Day 96: ‘Shades of Grey’
Graphite pencil
I decided to stick with the pencil tonight and keep it simple. Now I’ve delved into the world of colour, I don’t want to go back. I might see what this looks like in colour soon.
Project 365: Day 97: ‘Planning’
Acrylic paint
I did something different today. I planned my daily artwork. And then it all went wrong. The pink went all over the page and the paint wasn’t spreading as smoothly as the watercolours. I know I want to paint on canvas but I think I might need to brush up my skills, and patience too!
Working on my mental health at the moment so perhaps not feeling it ask much as usual.
Project 365: Day 98: ‘Yesterday’
Watercolour paint and marker pen
So this was yesterday’s piece but Instagram wasn’t letting me post? Rather strange, but here we are. I used different paper for this one so the watercolour paint and then the marker pen sat differently on top, creating a different surface. I want to continue experimenting on this paper but the amount of paint I use may vary because of the way it interacted with this one.
Project 365: Day 99: ‘Blank Space’
Watercolour paint
I forgot how powerful negative space can be. I don’t know why I left these spaces bare, without a thick coating of watery colour. It just felt right.
I also can’t believe day 100 is tomorrow! Almost a third of the way through the year and a third of the way through my challenge. My style has changed so much and I love that colour is such a major feature in my work now. Can’t wait to see what the rest of April brings!
100/365 ‘Yellow versus Day’
I was inspired by the negative space from the other day and felt like creating something a little different to the most recent work.
I’ve been busy creating for a few submissions this month. I’ll be showing some of them over on @charlotteabrahamdraws next week✨
Swipe to see lamp light versus day light >>
Tried out a new background when taking a photo of this one because it was still trying. Looking at it honestly makes me miss the plain background of my wall! I’m super excited for things happening in my life right now as this could be the first steps in a few big changes ✨
I decided to do lighter hues tonight because when I was drinking home it felt brighter, smoother, almost like summer. And I hope that translates through the paint!
Hope everyone has a good Sunday evening
Really starting to experiment with what I paint on and how I paint. A quick little one today with a book that I’ve read before and needed a revamp. If that’s what you could call this? Didn’t realise how much water would affect the page so looking at trying this out with some acrylics later this week.
Cracked our the marker pens that I bought a few weeks back. This was super satisfying to do! Might do a video of it next time just to show you. Can’t wait for all the exciting things that I’ve got planned!
I got a bit excited today when I started drawing. This is kind of the process that I go through whether I want to add leaves or leave it as a geometric design. I’ve been really inspired by a few other artists on here who work with geometry who have given me some ideas to develop my own work ✨
105/365 • Pop •
Did a live today of the making of the left drawing. It felt right to do this as a pair, experimenting with the marker pens I used yesterday, but on a stronger, heavier paper. It still bled through fantastically but I really feel like the colour pops on here.
106/365 • Birthday on the Beach • Had a fantastic day yesterday on the beach and enjoying the fresh air. I took my sketch book and marker pens, naturally, and decided to just make some marks on paper. I ended up with this quick abstract that flows, much like the ocean did.
I’ll be posting today’s artwork a little later
107/365 • 108/365 • Liberty Lady • This took me two days to build, a birthday present from my other half because he knows my love for Lego. If you don’t think Lego is art then I’m sorry but you’re wrong. The processes that go into building let alone designing this piece must have been extreme. I know I felt creative making it!
Who here has seen the Statue of Liberty in real life?
109/365 • Over The Hill • A little bit of a mixture of styles today. I enjoyed my mark making on Friday and want to explore with that loose style more, but I wanted to crawl back into my comfort zone with geometry. So, I mixed them together. I’ve got a few ideas from this now!
110/365 • Skies and Hills • Felt like getting back to basics with some fine liner pens today and reflected on the piece from yesterday. I made several other pieces but I feel like I planned them too much. Got lots more planning for pieces coming up ✨
111/365 • Doku • I mixed the Sudoku and leaf/splodge work I’ve been doing. I had to take a week off of social media just to clear my head. It’s made me think of what I really want to do with my artwork over the next month or so.
I hope everyone has been doing well ✨
112/365 • Testing • I got some new watercolours for my birthday so had to test them out in a colour swatch! They’re not the best quality but I feel like I could use them in mock ups for larger detailed pieces. I also went to hobby craft today and picked up some pieces that I think you’ll be seeing this week. Keep your eyes peeled!
113/365 • Leaf • I feel like I’m starting to find my style and block single colours are playing a key role in that. I’ve got a canvas on the go and a collection of growing works. Things feel like they’re going good.
114/365 • Square • Simplicity is sometimes the only thing you need in a complex world. All the patterns and designs that I could think of, let alone make, it makes me feel super excited! Can’t wait to show you what’s coming next ✨
115/365 • Still out to explore all the ways I can create and find my niche. I may be there for a while but I know things develop, especially when you spend some time and care in it. This is an A4 piece with powerful red and deep black. Simple.
116/365 • Satisfying • Do you ever get it when you put something away, or organise the look of something and it looks.. well, satisfying? Organising colours, shapes, materials. You name it. That happened to me at work sorting out the paints at work today and it makes me think of how these paintings will fit on a wall. Satisfying.
117/365 • Creeping my hand slowly back into the photos. I’ve been experimenting with the way I photograph my artwork. Do you like it like this, or when I held it up against the wall? Love finding out how things work and how to do something different ✨
118/365 • Third Done • It’s crazy how time keeps on ticking by no matter what you do. Four months have gone by in the blink of an eye. I’ve created over 120 artworks in this time and I’m getting into a style that feels.. me. This pink will come up in the next few days as I had left overs from painting my canvas and couldn’t waste the opportunity to create something new
119/365 • Splodge • I wasn’t sure how this one was going to turn out but loving the end result! Need to get the paints out again to create some more backgrounds and finish that canvas ✨
120/365 • April End • This is the last piece of April. This month I’ve found that I’ve grown into what I’m creating and am enjoying the working I’m producing. I’ve got a couple more of these pink pieces for the beginning of May, then I might switch up the colours. Hell, I might bring A3 pieces into the mix again!

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