Project 365: March Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. We’ve already taken a look through January and February, so here’s to the collection created in March.

March has been a successful month for me, where I started up a new Instagram page to support all my digital drawings (@charlotteabrahamdraws), and found an area of artwork that has just kept providing me inspiration.

I started playing with shape and colour part way through the month, bringing forward that Maths aspect that I sometimes talk about, and getting to know my geometry better. Taking the inspiration from megadokus, I created artwork with squares and circles. The rules were that of sudoku, just with colour; one colour could only appear in that row/column once. It created some interesting challenges with overlapping shapes, and with the limited palette I had! I’ve switched these designs between A5 and A4 sketchbooks and I found a stark difference in the intimacy of watercolour between the two different sizes.

I don’t know what April will bring, but I’m hoping our workshop is going to get finished so the sculptures can begin again.

Project 365: Day 60: ‘Someone Special’
Digital drawing
As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve tried to be inclusive to as many groups of people as I could this Mother’s Day. This includes a series dedicated to the ‘someone special’ in your lives.
I’ve got one more design to share with you while I’m creating some more digital portraits!
Project 365: Day 61: ‘Nan’
Digital drawing
My Nan has always been a significant figure in my life, from looking after me during secondary school to always having her door open for us. How could I not dedicate a card to her?
I’ve included Nan, Gran and Grandma in my Mother’s Day collection. Head to my store to take a look!
Project 365: Day 62: ‘Minute. Next’
I had dinner on the go and realised I hadn’t done my artwork of the day today. It’s felt like my time at home has been rushed these past few days but that’s what I get for doing 12 hour shifts. I respect anyone who does this every week even more now!
These are five, one minute line drawings of me and the view in front of me. I feel like I improved simply over five minutes.
I wonder what would happen if I did this every day?
Project 365: Day 63: ‘Beliefs and Values’
Digital drawing
Head to my reels to see why I drew this one. Hint – it’s all to do with March Meet The Maker!
Project 365: Day 64: ‘As They Come’
Marker pens
I decided to treat myself the other day with some marker pens. I was thinking about transferring some of the digital work onto paper. But first I needed to test them out! This is the number order that they came in.
Project 365: Day 65: ‘Silks’
Digital drawing
If you hadn’t guessed already I’m doing a huge catch up on Project 365 and March Meet The Maker posts this evening. I’ve got a few more to share with you but first I’ll leave this here.
To all my pole, aerial and yoga followers, I’ll be posting something this month that you may be interested in!
Project 365: Day 66: ‘Update’
Cross stitch
The last of my catch up posts and finally today’s artwork! This is the progress I’ve made on my Starry Night cross stitch that I received for Valentines. I haven’t spent a massive amount of time on it but I was able to smash out a big block of colour the other day. Today I filled in some of the smaller gaps.
Have you got any projects you’re working on?
Project 365: Day 67: ‘Afternoon Tea’
Fineliner and marker pen
A special commission for a Mother’s Day card. Involving lots of different sweet treats and a beautiful set for tea!
Don’t forget about my selection of Mother’s Day gifts on my store. Order today to avoid disappointment!
Project 365: Day 68: ‘Pole I’
Hey you, yeah you, I think you should go follow my new account @charlotteabrahamdraws
I’m going to be putting all my digital drawings there instead of bombarding this page. I’m going to continue with Project 365 but I wanted to do something else that would give me a bit of variety and income as I grow my own practice.

Project 365: Day 69: ‘Pole II’
Digital drawing
As you might be able to tell, I’ve done a lot of the digital drawings already. I’ll be specialising in pole, aerial and sport but I’m up for drawing anything (within limits)!
Also playing catch up over this week. Come April I’m not going to be doing catch up posts – they will all be live from that day.

Project 365: Day 70: ‘Pole III’
Digital drawing
Working in threes is super satisfying. I promise I’m getting off the iPad now and getting back to using paper and pencil. I’m excited to be splitting this as I’ve been inspired the past few weeks to do something more, me. Once again, head to @charlotteabrahamdraws for all my digital drawings!
Project 365: Day 71: ‘Dreams’
Since I decided to take my pole teaching qualifications, I’ve wanted to teach online and/or in a studio. Those steps are being taken. We have a domain name. We have an instructor. It will probably take a few years, but I can dream.
Project 365: Day 72: ‘Hamper for Mum’
A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the kinds of mum in the world. My thoughts go out to you every day and all the things you go through. And I thank you all for every single one of those. A hand made pamper hamper was gifted to my mum this year who has had a hell of a year already and who needed something to relax with. Love you mum!
Project 365: Day 73: ‘Mum’
Marker pen and fineliner
Another belated Mother’s Day post to continue to celebrate the strength of women everywhere. There’s no doubt that shockwaves have been sent through everyone during this time. We are stronger as a community.
Project 365: Day 74: ‘Free’
Felt tip pens and fine liners
I wanted to be a bit more free. As you might be able to tell, I’m still finding my style. My voice. I’m hoping to get back into plaster soon but I’ve always enjoyed a 2D element too. I wonder where it will all take me.
Project 365: Day 75: ‘Form’
Fineliner and felt tip pen
I haven’t purposefully restricted myself to these materials, but I’ve been creating in our living room these past few days and didn’t want to create too much mess. I really enjoy working with these colours though.
Project 365: Day 76: ‘Going’
Fine liner and felt tip pen
Playing catch up with my posts again as I’ve been creating my artworks later at night. I’m back in my home store now so I’ll be creating as soon as I get home from work and posting from there. I’m enjoying where I’m going at the moment though..
Project 365: Day 77: ‘Look’
Fine liner and felt tip pen
Continuing with the felt tip pens for this one and bringing my technique for digital portraits in too. It reminds me of a painting I did for my GCSE art which, coincidentally, was the first painting I sold. I’m not sure what made me grab the reds, oranges and yellows but I feel like it fits.
Project 365: Day 78: ‘Diddy Doku’
Coloured pencil
This was really soothing to do. I love the complexity of knowing where each colour goes, creating a seemingly simple design. This one is only 10cm big.
Project 365: Day 79: ‘Playing’
Watercolour paint
I’ve tried to name each of the works I’ve done but sometimes those names don’t do them justice. It makes me think of songs with names that don’t correlate to the song in any way. Can you think of any?
Project 365: Day 80: ‘Switch’
Watercolour paint and fine liner pen
I wondered what It would look like if I started merging, playing around with layers and swapping what was done in pen versus paint. I’m not completely thinking about the final design, which is perhaps part of the reason why I’m enjoying this so much.
Project 365: Day 81: ‘Leaf Line’
Watercolour paint and fine liner pen
I don’t know what to say about this one. Do I need to say anything about this one?
Got a couple days left to catch up on and then we’re back to the single posts a day.
Project 365: Day 82: ‘Here’
Watercolour paint
I had a couple of days off social media just so have some me time. I ended up reading almost two books (only short ones!) and having a general relax. I’m back with catching up on posts though and keeping it simple with some colourful geometry.
Project 365: Day 83: ‘Something’
Fine liner and water colour paint
I honestly don’t know what I wanted to put on paper when I did this painting. It didn’t completely feel right doing it and it doesn’t feel right now..
Project 365: Day 84: ‘Repeat’
Watercolour paint and fine liner pen
You might recognise this one from a couple of days ago. I tried it again in A4 this time, just to see the difference in style. I found that the intimacy of working in watercolour on A5 gone and replaced with the need to work faster. Bonus though that I got to dig out my marker pens I bought only a couple of weeks back.
Project 365: Day 85: ‘Here’
Watercolour paint and fine liner pen
It’s Monday and a fresh week. I’ve only got a couple of days to catch up on then you’ll be seeing my artwork live each day! Still working in A4 at the moment though but thinking about going back to A5 and creating some originals for my store. It’s interesting to see the effect between the A4 and A5 pieces though!
How is your Monday going?
Project 365: Day 86: ‘Circling around’
Watercolour paint and marker pen
I was in two minds while creating this one as a part of me thought it was too much and then I added the dotted shapes in. It all came together then.
Project 365: Day 87: ‘Nah’
Watercolour paint and marker pen
Okay so I really didn’t like this one in A4. I’m sometimes super picky with what I do, how I do it, but I’ve been trying to let go of that. This piece though just doesn’t sit right with me. The intimacy of working smaller has been completely lost and it’s just… not right. Do you get what I mean?
Project 365: Day 88: ‘Coming Around’
Watercolour paint and marker
There’s going to be a few posts tonight catching up on the last of March’s artworks. I’m trying to finish two pieces at once though – today’s artwork and a digital portrait I’ve been trying to complete for my other page @charlotteabrahamdraws. One or the other will be finished, I don’t think I have time for both!
Project 365: Day 89: ‘Back to Little’
Felt tip pen and fine liner
Working back in my A5 sketchbook I kind of miss the larger, less intimate colour pieces that I was doing. I wasn’t sure about this one but it felt right. Listening to Iggy Azalea got me mark making rather than drawing leaves and patterns.
Project 365: Day 90: ‘Shapes’
Watercolour paint
Switching things up with different shapes now. I feel like there are countless designs that can be produced using circles and squares, but I am intrigued with the effect of other shapes. I may need to go bigger though to prevent over crowdedness!
I hope everyone has had a good March and I’ll see you over in April!

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