Project 365: February Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. Review January on my first blog post, and February, the next 28 days, below.

Within February, I found myself experimenting with a wider variety of materials during a shorter space of time. I continued and completed the lines series, as well as creating a Mothers Day series of products. Find them all on my store. The biggest change from this past month is the introduction of digital art. I found myself drawing a lot on an iPad. Even though I enjoyed creating through this medium, I think I want to go back to more pen and paper pieces. I want to be able to complete a sketchbook, my first completed sketchbook, before the end of the year. Next month, I’m hoping to use paper more, and to experiment with simple materials through things like time limitations.

All photos have been used on Instagram.

Project 365: Day 32: ‘Lines V6’
Coloured felt tip pen
I suppose you could call this colour combination sun and earth. The bright yellow hues versus the deep rich greens. It makes me miss spring but the greens here in the countryside are still beautiful.
Although January is over, Project 365 is not. Thank you for sticking with me!
What has been your favourite part of Project 365 so far?
Products coming soon ✨ (Once everything is edited!)
Project 365: Day 33: ‘Lines V6’
Coloured felt tip pen
Six versions down three to go and the last of the colour combinations. Doing this mini series with lines makes me realise how much I rely on numbers and maths in my art. I count. The lines. The pens. The changes in pattern. It’s all about the numbers.
Products coming soon ✨ (Once everything is edited!)
Project 365: Day 34: ‘Lines V8’
Coloured felt tip pen
Only one more of these to share with you all! Feels like this part of the project has gone by way too quickly but at the same time I’m excited to go on an adventure with some different materials. February is going to be an experimental month.
Products released Saturday ✨
Project 365: Day 35: ‘Lines V9’
Coloured felt tip pen
The final element of the lines series, once that grew with no plan but emerged as a mini series. I’m sad to come to a close with these but want to experiment with other things a little further!
Which has been your favourite Line work?
Project 365: Day 36: ‘Loved’
Felt tip pens and fine liners on card
I know I’ve been quiet for a couple of days but I wanted a little break from posting. Don’t worry though, I’ve still been creating! With several birthdays in February I’m loving to design personalised cards for everyone. It adds an extra bit of sparkle and sometimes they’re super simple to do!
If you want a personalised card with a handwritten message, just DM me. Greetings cards can be found on my store ✨
Project 365: Day 37: ‘Happy Birthday To You’
Felt tip pens and fine liners on card
Another card design. Thinking about doing some similar designs for my website and keeping these as originals. On the other hand, I want to develop artwork for something like a solo show.. I miss creating big!
Project 365: Day 38: ‘Closest’
Felt tip pens and fine liners on card
Dedicating these two to some of my closest peoples who, luckily, aren’t on Instagram! Sending these off tomorrow on my day off. Can’t wait to show you what I make today ✨
Project 365: Day 39: ‘Bookmark’
Still catching up on what I’ve been making. This was yesterday’s make, a gorgeous design of a bookmark. With all this macrame and Macrame Monday’s continuing, I feel like I should invest in some materials! Anyone know where is best?
Project 365: Day 40: ‘I’m a dog person’
Scratch art kit
This was a blast from the past! I haven’t done a kit like this in years. I can safely say I’m a dog person. Are you a dog or cat person?
Project 365: Day 41: ‘Cut up’
Coloured paper
A bit of a throwback to the work I did last summer with @artlabuor on the lockdown lab. I reviewed a kids activity from @tate which involves cutting shapes and then arranging them on a piece of paper. It was so simple yet so effective. There are so many things you can do with a pair of scissors, glue and some paper!
Happy St Valentines Day everyone. Hope you’ve been able to have a smile at something today ✨
Catching up on the last couple of days of project 365. Had some time to myself, which I felt like I really needed.
Project 365: Day 42: ‘Round’
Digital drawing
Working with a new medium, which I didn’t think I would get along with at first. Digital drawing was simpler than I thought and more effective with this design! I still love a pen and piece of paper but you’ll be seeing more of these.
Project 365: Day 43: ‘Round II’
Digital drawing
Swipe to see COLOUR ✨
Really enjoying these drawings and the variations you can quickly make!
Project 365: Day 44: ‘Round III’
Digital drawing
Swipe to see some colour ✨
Still playing catch up over the past few days. Made quite a few yesterday so get ready for several posts today!
Project 365: Day 45.1: ‘Voronoi I’
Digital drawing
Playing catch up with some artwork from Valentine’s Day. This is a Voronoi Diagram which can be seen in cosmology, biology and commerce. I’ve created many of these and none of them have looked remotely similar!
Project 365: Day 45.2: ‘Voronoi II’
Digital drawing
Another Voronoi Diagram for you all. Love the bright colours of Comic markers in this digital work!
Project 365: Day 45.3: ‘Voronoi III’
Digital drawing
The last of this set of Voronoi Diagrams. They were super fun to do so you may see these appear again 👀 And I will certainly be carrying on with some digital work! Don’t worry, I won’t forget about all my other materials too
t’s the Macrame Monday post ✨
Project 365: Day 46: ‘MMIII [Macrame Monday III]
I don’t actually know how many Macrame Monday’s I’ve done but three feels right. This one, as soon as it was made, got sent to a lovely friend as a birthday present, for all the reading she does 💕
Project 365: Day 47: ‘Mum & Nan’
Fineliner pen
This week and next week I’m going to be designing and launching some Mother’s Day gifts. Sunday 14th March is Mother’s Day. I know not everyone celebrates it but let it be a time to look up at all the women we celebrate in our lives ✨
Project 365: Day 48: ‘Frame’
Felt tip pen and highlighter
I was stuck tonight. I looked over and saw a photo of me and my dad in a frame I have next to my desk and thought yes. I’m drawing that. You know when you find the perfect frame for the picture? I had that moment for mine.
Mother’s Day products are still being designed. Sign up to my mailing list to see the designs first ✨ Link in bio
Project 365: Day 49: ‘Preview’
Digital drawing
I’m heading back to painting on a real canvas tomorrow but before I do, I’m going to share a few digital drawing I’ve done recently. Including this little preview of my Mother’s Day Range!
Project 365: Day 50: ‘Omega’
Digital drawing
Throwback to my exchange in Ottawa when me and my roomie (now one of my furthest 🇦🇺 and closest friends) travelled round Omega Parc to see some of the cutest animals.
Happy Birthday Lily 🥳
Project 365: Day 51: ‘Love Flowers’
Digital drawing
Another Mother’s Day preview ✨ I’m moving back to paper today because I’ve been staring at screens too much recently. Once I’ve released my Mother’s Day products I’ll also be working on a couple of canvases! Cant wait ✨
Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!
Project 365: Day 52: ‘Starry Night’
Cross stitch
A little late night post for you all to find..
So I know it’s not a finished piece but my technique with cross stitch is improving with the progression of this kit my other half bought me for Valentine’s Day.
It’s made me remember why I started Project 365 – to build on my knowledge of materials and methods. Be prepared to see more experiments and playing with mediums as I continue my exploration.
A quick catch up with project 365
Day 53: Macrame Monday IV
I’ve lost count of the number of macrame designs I’ve done as they’ve all been so fun to do! I didn’t follow a pattern for this one but took inspiration from each of the knots I’ve already used.
Featuring the original ‘Lines’ drawings.
Project 365: Day 54: ‘Megadoku Abstract’
I played around with the idea of making a more abstract Megadoku, like the one a few weeks ago but loose, free.
I don’t like it.
Do you?
Project 365: Day 55: ‘Perfect Circle’
Coloured Pencil
I’ve been seeing artwork with bolder colours recently. Along with some lovely messages about Project 365 I continue to strive on and make it through another month!
Maths comes back into this one again, with circular motions. I might add leaf patterns in soon?
Project 365: Day 56: ‘Overlap’
Oil pastel and pencil
This. This is what Project 365 is all about. I experimented today, for the first time in what feels like forever. Playing around with colour and material. I haven’t used oil pastel in years and yet my hand reached toward them today.
I’ve noticed I do things in threes at the moment.. I wanted to play around with another material, acrylic paint this time, and I was drawn back to the circles I’ve done the past couple of days.
It’s still all shapes and maths behind it all though.
Project 365: Day 57: ‘Another One’
Acrylic paint and black biro
A little added experimentation with the colours used from the third of the circles. I added leaves into this one, which inadvertently caused a new artwork through the page. Head to my stories to see how!
Project 365: Day 57.5: ‘Levels’
Acrylic paint and biro pen
Project 365: Day 58: ‘Dad’
I can finally share this birthday card I designed for my dad ✨ a special design including our two dogs 🐕
I can do any personalised designs for you and am looking at doing a ‘silhouette’ series soon which you can use for any occasion.
Project 365: Day 59: ‘Mum’
Digital drawing
With my Mother’s Day products now available (with some items that you can even treat yourself with), I can finally show you Day 59 of Project 365. With my Mother’s Day collection I tried to be inclusive to as many groups of people as possible, so you can share the day with whoever is close to you in your life. I hope that is reflected through the products!
Thank you to everyone who has ordered something x

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