Project 365: January Review

Project 365 is a 2021 project in which I aim to produce an artwork a day and sharing it. These will range from sketches to paintings to sculptures. Some are available to purchase on my store, and some are experiments with materials. This experimentation will expand my knowledge of how I can use materials within larger artworks and expand my practice as an artist. Review the first month, the first 31 days below.

January saw a month of fine liners and the beginning of colour. Throughout the month, I took inspiration from my surrounding environment and my new home. While living through the third lock down in the UK, some days felt bland, but looking at something in a different perspective allowed me to continue with the project. Reflecting on this month, I have learnt a new craft, finished several smaller projects and gotten to know materials such as watercolour paint. This month, I also released my first original artwork and limited edition prints on my store, which is a huge step for me. Next month, I’m hoping that other materials are going to come out to play, and the new craft of macramé will be explored, as well as new original artworks being released regularly.

All photos have been used on Instagram as the front image of each day of the Project.

Day 1: ‘Mum’
Fine liner and coloured felt tip pens
So my mums birthday is tomorrow, and in my creative spirits I decided to make her card this year. I normally don’t because other cards have the rights words, but I know this will mean more to her. This one is to all the mums out there, past, present and future 💕
Day 2: ‘House/Home’
A6 sketch with fine liners
Life sketch of a small wooden house that Dan bought me as a little decoration for our own home. This drawing reminds me of why I firstly do not draw tired and secondly why I am doing this project – to get back to the roots of why I create and to get back to the basics of creating.
Day 3: ‘Maroon’
Coloured felt tip pens
Random lines in various colours mould together to create bumps and hills, troughs and dips. I’ve previously doodled this in other colours and wanted to see if it worked with something so bright. I’m also hoping to fill up my sketchbook. Here’s hoping with my forever busy schedule.
Day 4: ‘Sigil’
HB Pencil
I exhausted myself over the past several weeks so I had to take a day off work and nurse the headache that I still have. With The Originals on in the background I saw several symbols, of which I replicated here in my own style. It’s amazing what we pick up from things in the background to our day-to-day lives.
What have you picked up today?
Day 5: ‘Teddy’
Crochet teddy kit with stuffing and wool
I got this kit for Christmas and I had to start it there and then. With the move I hadn’t got it out for a while until last night when I had a huge sense of determination. It’s the first teddy or bear that I’ve ever made and I cannot wait to make more in the future. So soft and completely adorable!
Day 6: ‘Primary Trio’
Felt tip coloured pen
Inspired my one of my own doodles I split it into three, with the idea of possible book marks and other products to be added to my online store. I hope that one day I’ll be able to live off of the profits off of my artwork. That’s the dream but reality can be very different.
Day 7: ‘Duck’
HB Pencil
I’ve been busy updating my online store but there’s a few things to finalise. I’ll give you all the big update on everything by the end of the week. Today though, I decided to sketch this little duck. I was told that everyone at my parents wedding got one of these little ducks, which is something similar that I would like to do at my own. A little rough sketch, but something that tugs a little at my heart strings. What’s an object that means a lot to you?
Day 8: ‘Oh Bother’
HB Pencil, Line Drawing
I’m clearly feeling nostalgic this week for Winnie the Pooh was the character of my childhood. While doing the dishes, I washed some of my plates that I used when I was a child and there he was, with the rest of the gang from the 100 Acre Wood. I almost forgot about the artwork today, ‘oh bother’ as Pooh might say.
Day 9: ‘Hanger’
Black plastic hanger and string
I wanted to try something new, something that already linked to something that I loved and macrame came to mind. This is full of flaws by that’s what makes it even more perfect. Only a tiny design but I now cannot wait to make more. I have a plan for this!
Day 10: ‘Lines’
Black fine liner
Flicking through my sketch book I couldn’t help but want to know what the inverse of one of my pages would look like. To strip it down to its simplest format. To reduce it down to a line.
Day 11: ‘Emotion’
A little experiment with watercolour as a sort of diary. The shapes, the shading and the colours were all picked out for a reason perhaps only my subconscious will know.
I returned to work today and not going to lie, put my ducks in line and it all worked out pretty well.
How was your day?
Day 12: ‘Geometry’
I reached for the watercolours again tonight for today’s artwork. I’ve got a plan for some original artwork coming soon! All based on these past two paintings. I love bringing colour back into my work.
Do you prefer colour or monochrome?
Day 13: ‘TLC’
Felt tip pen
The sudden realisation that you need to do some more life drawing when you give your fiancé an extra finger/extra large finger gap. I felt uninspired today after a long day at work. But he helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve, as he always does 💕
Day 14: ‘Original’
Pilot white super colour permanent type ink pen
A translation of designs, doodles and marks. Around two years ago I started designing shapes within a boundary, giving myself a challenge to create something simple yet effective within those lines. I want to do this again, have a limit while being totally free.
Perhaps I’ll bring colour in to this one.
Day 15: ‘Megadoku’
Watercolour, A2
A megadoku is a extra large sudoku where each number is only shown once in a column or row. This has been translated in colour with extra detail.
I’ve always loved sudoku and bringing maths and art together feels… right.
It isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes it so much more unique.
Day 16: ‘After Eight’
Biro Pen
In the corner of my eye I saw the classic after eight tin, something that was always part of Christmas, but only the adults were allowed. I wanted to figure out layering and whether it’s a good idea, or how I could get away with it.
When do you eat after eights?
Day 17: ‘Leafy layers’
Felt tip pen and highlighter
We’ve been in our house for almost a month and I’ve only just noticed the pattern within the bathroom window. Layered leaves.
I read a post from an artist I follow closely. It was simple: take inspiration from everywhere around you.
Day 18: ‘Configuration 1’
~A4, Watercolour
An abstract watercolour of shapes as they arose in my mind. Almost mindlessly, I picked out the colours and put the paintbrush to paper before fully deciding what to do.
I had the rule of thirds in my mind, just at the back though. Keeping it free for the next week with Configuration.
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 19: Configuration 2’
~A4, Watercolour
An abstract watercolour painting of whatever came to mind. I’ve had a lot of thoughts floating in my mind. I suppose in hindsight it could be a visual representation of those thoughts, leading together. On the other hand I did think of planets (as I am a little bit of an astrophysics lover).
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 20: Configuration 3’
~A4, Watercolour and fine liner
I’ve had a bit of an emotionally weird day today, where I’ve been feeling fairly neutral for much of the day, then everything coming out over dinner and hearty conversation with my love. I have to admit that I do not like this composition as much, and through the process it felt like something was missing, so I reached towards the pens and added a little bit of something new.
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 21: Configuration 4’
~A4, Watercolour and fine liner
I made a conscious decision to have no more than three distinct shapes within this piece. The cloud-like forms were then born out of a freedom of the paintbrush, and also some very loud music to drown absolutely everything out. What will the rest of the week bring?
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 22: Configuration 5’
~A4, Watercolour, fine liner and white ink pen
I’ve got a love-hate relationship with today’s painting. I kept to a minimal palette of the first four colours I chose. The shapes fall like confetti. My dislike may be due to the simplicity of the painting, and the darker nature compared to the previous days.
What do you think?
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 23: Configuration 6’
~A4, Watercolour and fine liner
Energies, flows and rhythms. This might be my favourite so far this week. Simple, large, detailed.
How’s your weekend going?
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Day 24: Configuration 7’
~A4, Watercolour
Is it cheating if I took inspiration from my own artwork to create another piece? I’m going to vote no, it’s just a progression of ideas.
I’ve got a little surprise for you coming in about an hour.
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
✨ Live Now ✨
Project 365: Day 24.5: Configuration 8’
~A4, Watercolour and fine liner
The bright one. The extra one. I gave up after the first five shapes as I hated it. Now, with encouragement from my love, it’s one of my favourites of the week. Bright, colourful and full.
Original and various prints of this artwork will be available to purchase on my website from Sunday 6pm GMT.
Project 365: Day 25: ‘Knotted’
I used the end of my tripod this time instead of a hanger. I feel like I got the hang of it much more and the square knots have gotten much neater! This was yesterday’s artwork but timing wasn’t on my side so finished it today. Hoping that all artworks from now on will be started and finished on the same day 🤞🏻
Project 365: Day 26: ‘Layered Leaves’
Coloured felt tip pen
I felt uninspired until looking over to the collection of Lindor wrappers I have on my desk. Looking back at the artwork I’ve done so far this month, the leaves, the lines and the chocolate are the elements I wanted to explore. Then was born this artwork.
Project 365: Day 27: ‘Lines’
Coloured felt tip pen
Enjoyed the meditative and relaxing state that drawing this put me in. It’s part of a series that I think I’m going to do in the next few days. Playing around with colour and lines.
Project 365: Day 28: ‘Lines V2’
Coloured felt tip pen
I swapped round the orientation of yesterday’s drawing, so that the blue was vertical and the purple was horizontal. I became really tired doing this so it ended up giving me a bit of a headache. Not that my loud music has anything to do with it either.
Project 365: Day 29: ‘Lines V3’
Coloured felt tip pen
The last of the blue and purple lined pieces but I’m now exploring with two more colour sets. I’ve drawn these three different ways – which one is your favourite?
Project 365: Day 30: ‘Lines V4’
Coloured felt tip pen
Decided to play around with colours in the previous patterns of lines. I was surprised when these actually came out as good partners. The brightness of the yellows against the richness of the greens. Got plans for one last colour combo before they hit my website as prints ✨
Project 365: Day 31: ‘Lines V5’
Coloured felt tip pen
Continuing to play around with colour in a similar design to V2. Capturing the yellows against the greens is a little difficult but I believe my photography and editing is improving. Hopefully by the end of the year it’ll be smooth running!

Original artwork of the ‘Configuration’ mini series, as well as prints of ‘Configuration’ and ‘Lines’ versions 1 to 5 can be found on my store.

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    1. It snowed for me too! Configuration 8 was certainly a turning point for me, filling the page and continuing forward through something that I did not particularly like in the beginning. Thank you for taking time to look through them!

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