Marie Lund

The sculptor Marie Lund works with stone and metal work to create intimate, self-contained works that involve some of the every day. The works often frame a number of temporal and material concerns due to their hanging, leaning or swinging composition.

Working between the lines of beauty and dysfunction (as well as function), Lund deals with the specific site and moments of every-day life, re-establishing the relationship to solid matter. The works make their remark against disposable consumer products through casting.

Lund work reflects the texts and audio pieces that she is currently interesting. There a dual in/ability to express materiality and physicality through language that forces Lund to remain in the sculptural. This is particularly seem in the series of ‘Beginning Happening’, 2011 and the accompanying catalogue with reflecting text by Pieternel Vermoortel:

‘What happens when we consider sculptures through their representation, when we can’t walk around them, when we can only look at them from one possible position? […] And what happens if I write about these sculptures, can I still speak about spatiality and time?’

Karl Rittenbach, Frieze, Nov-Dec 2011 Issue

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