Martin Puryear

Puryear is recognised for a fiercely independent visual language of object making. There is a strong combination of practices adapted from different traditions to create objects based on abstract organic forms with rich psychological, cultural, and historical references. Wood carving, joinery, boat building and technology are just some of the practices involved within the design and creation of such works.

Puryear’s reductive forms explore human and identity and politics in a subtle manner, engaging the viewers in conversation. Hand-making each of the sculptures allows the craftsmanship to shine through and allows an intense appreciation of the natural materials he chooses to use. ‘The artist’s approach to his materials, his ability to use them to define both interior and exterior spaces, along with his inherent sensibility, all combine to produce profoundly considered works, infused not only with poignancy, strength and fragility, but also with subliminal readings of out collective history.’

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