Finalist Assessment Studio 4

Masked Cube

Date: October 2019
Size: Varying
Material: Natural wood matchsticks, super glue, poster paint

The natural wood of the previous matchstick cube collection had a peacefulness to it, baring its elements and imperfections to those who view them. However, this could be disturbed by a simple layer of paint that would individualise each cube, even when in a pair. Colour can confront the spectator into conversation, no matter the size of the object. Anthony Caro uses unique colours for each of his industrial sculptures to seize the opportunity of confrontation and the seemingly impossible. Using primary and secondary colours as well as black and white, the cubes were transformed from something natural to wearing a mask. The mask allows the wood to become something else and for the sculptures to be more about the colour choice than the elements of the sculpture. The cubes have turned into something else entirely.

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