Tulio Pinto

Pinto is interested in all contingent, changeable, and temporary materials within sculptures that establish tensions and defy gravity and balance. Translated into the sculpture is his feelings on the world that pulses around him as well as human relations. The materials oppose each other to form that unknowing relation as well as a shifting and utopic territory of harmony among opposition.

The sculptures that Pinto creates gives a breath, surrounded and immersed, into heavy living structures. Continually breathing into his works, Pinto moved into enlargement and heavier materials to include blown glass, steel cables and wood blocks. There is a trust and faithful nature in each of the materials picked. Accidents are used within the piece, with the abyss becoming a fascination. ‘Risk and chance are elements in my work, in the same way that they are present in our lives. If we pay attention, they show us the way’.

The unstable balance made of opposing dualities allowed the incorporation of a third element: the insertion of the architectonic space. This allowed Pinto to use gravity and the tension and structure of the architecture to create his pieces. He does not sculpt or use tools within his pieces, but rather obtains and transforms to establish the unstable interaction.

Pinto is also interested in exploring materials that move between the forms of solid and liquid. The dynamic forms of materials add to the poetry behind each of his balancing works.

‘Fear instigates and defies me. It fascinated me like an abyss. I need to get to the edge and look down to see how deep and risky it is. The abyss appears when the material shows its potential, which is sometimes unknown, and we only discover such potential when we use the material in a different way, creating a tangent, a space for the unforseen.’

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