Week 2: Final Display Practice

During the exhibition committee’s meeting, we decided that I would be on the beams within the main studio space with natural light behind my pieces. I decided on two triptych’s that face each other to have a conversation between the photographic and sculptural elements that are being hinted at. The final display would use 1.5mm twisted wire cable that would be strong enough to hold the Perspex that I have ordered, while also hanging straight. The thickness of the wire also hints at the paper I have stripped away from the photographs and the emptiness of the photograms in a sculptural form. Being sandwiched in Perspex, the conversation deepens between sculpture and light as well as photography, blurring the lines between them and questioning whether there should be any lines at all.

I also decided to name my piece ‘Levels’ for it relates to many of the elements within the piece including that of the levels of stairs, the levels of which the triptychs are hung as well as the levels of inter-connectivity between sculpture, light and photography. This aids the conversation between the three elements of what my work looks at, and allows the viewer to decide whether there are levels between these, or whether it is one long spectrum that joins them together.

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