Easter 4: Shadow Stairs and Photographs

Building up from the feedback and ideas from the week 8 exhibition, I wanted to explore the use of the light against the stairs and projections of the corresponding, or similar photographs that I had previously taken. I was also planning to use plinths around the department to create a blocked sculpture, however I could not find many and this would have been difficult to manipulate in the time frame I had nor complete the goal that I had in mind. I instead used my stairs, laying them on top of the OHP in a corresponding manner and a random angle to the image, and dangling them in from to create an suggestion of a shadow. I found that the ‘wrong direction’ stairs that were directly on top of the OHP surface worked the best as it created another suggestion of a staircase, while also producing interesting shadows both on the wall and the staircase itself. Despite the experimentation, I do not think that I want to go down this avenue further as I enjoy playing with light in a photographic manner with the subject of something that is sculptural.

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