Easter 1: Photograms

These photograms are an extension of the earlier collection of photograms that I produced from the original three sets of matchstick staircases. I enjoyed creating this first set within the boundaries of smaller paper, but through the exploration of several staircases on one piece of paper with the cyanotypes, I wanted to translate this into the dark room.

I used several techniques including double exposure with two different staircases, double exposure with small movement of paper and layering to create a forced perspective on the flat piece of paper. The individual staircases on smaller pieces of paper are effective and give the perspective of going further off into the distance, past the paper. The photograms with multiple staircases give the same effect, but are clearer and more distinct than the cyanotypes produced in the same manner. I wish to use these in my summative exhibition as a nod to the notion of a larger staircase with other pieces also being displayed along side these.

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