Week 10: New Matchstick Stair Designs

I wanted to expand from the first three original matchstick staircase designs (matchstick staircase design 1, 1.2 and 2) to help produce a more varied selection of photograms and cyanotypes. I found that the first two designs were very common staircases and fire escape designs, and I wanted something that was a little bit more varied and unique. I took my inspiration from my travels around the university. Gathering these photos, and the ones I took with my analogue camera, helped to establish the next designs.

The overall look of these is a little bit rushed, as I wanted to get them completed as fast as I could, however they are completely structurally sound. With these, I also decided to face the coloured part of the cardboard together, so that you could not see the bright packaging from any position – this turned out to be useful as it created a cleaner look for the staircases. I particularly enjoyed the intricacy of these staircases as they project what is unique about the area that they are inspired from.

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