Week 9: Scanning and Planning

I did not know what to do or where to go after the Week 8 Exhibition critique, so brainstormed all of my ideas. A part of me wanted to return to my original idea of placing the stairs in realistic settings, but another part of me wanted to play with the light and shadow aspect that I have bought into my work within the past week. This has bought photography and sculpture together in a way that I did not expect or plan. I now plan on:

  • Block sculpture: project a negative or an image onto a large plain block sculpture for the sculpture itself to become a photographic form
  • Project a negative on the wall and hang the stairs in the same position
  • Photograms of the stairs
  • Cyanotypes of the stairs
  • Make prints from photographs of stairs, cutting around and taking the background out (inspired by Richard Galpin)
  • Scanning all negatives onto the computer for archiving and future use

I would like to play around further with the circular form, as I found this intriguing in the week 8 exhibition, allowing the viewer to question where the stairs disappeared to.

This week I also began the long task of scanning my negatives into the computer. This ensures that I will always have a copy of them, edit them easily, and print them off onto acetate and in different formats and sizes quickly and efficiently. I do not know whether I will use this further in my project, but it is a good starting place. [Below is the second roll of film I scanned in.]

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