Between VIVA and Week 8 Exhibition

Between the VIVA Presentation and the Week 8 Exhibition, my ideas developed further within the realm of sculptural than photographic techniques. There was a play with reality within the experimentation of material to create staircases – something that initially fascinated me back in Ottawa due to their daily use but not consideration. Through the development of designs and testing of cardboard, paper, matchsticks and Popsicles, I attempted to play with reality to create miniature realistic stairs. By photographing the process as well as the final product in an environment that it was produced for, I drew upon the practices of Thomas Demand as well as Henry Moore and Sherry Levine. Through the development of more matchstick stairs with added handrails, I found that I wanted to create a fiction using visual discourse, much like the work of John Timberlake, transfiguring the sculpture into a photograph and thus into something else entirely (Walter Benjamin). This would ultimately bring in the play of light, through the Week 8 Exhibition.

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