Week 6: AV Room Photography

I went into the AV room to get some photographs of my first and second design of matchstick stairs against a black background, to determine whether this could alter the reality within the photograph. Perhaps they would look like they are floating? Using the DLSR, I found that the stairs were coming up very bright, despite playing around with the intensity of the lighting. I found that using the DLSR, I was able to practice the positions for the SLR (analogue photography). This role of film I am hoping to develop early next week, which will provide me with valuable information on which shots looked better, and to move them into different environments. Some of the images reminded me of the Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before project in Ottawa, and were perhaps images that I would play with in the future.

First matchstick staircase design:

Second matchstick staircase design:

I also took photos of my other stair designs, including that of the original matchstick staircasecardboard and matchstick, cardboard, and the paper design, providing a valuable record of them and further inspiration of different angles and perspectives of the sculptures.

I am looking forward to perhaps using some of these images after editing in my exhibition display, and using the techniques and perspectives within the AV room and applying them in different contexts and backgrounds for the stairs in later photography works to displace and alter reality within an image.

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