Photography Developing Process in the Darkroom (UK)

Developing in Reading is a lot more of a hands-on process than it was in Ottawa, due to the fact that I am now trained in using and mixing the chemicals for film development myself. The process of readying the film is also the same, doing it in the dark to prevent light contamination and then placing it in the light-tight container for development. On the first roll of film developed, I did this in a blacked-out bag that was light-tight as we were unsure whether the room was. This was successful, and thus I tried just taking it out in the darkened room. There was no visible light contamination, so I now know for the future that I am able to do it just on the surface, rather than in the bag.

Working out the process according to the Ilford manuals, what we remembered and the instructions I had from Ottawa allowed us to produce a relatively fast developing process that is easy to follow;
Developer – ILFOSOL3
Ratio: 1:9
300ml per 35ml film
20C water temperature

Tap tank
Invert x4 during first 10 seconds
Tap tank
Repeat invert x4 each minute of development
Tap tank
Drain 10 seconds before end
Ratio: 1:19
300ml per 35mm film

30-60 seconds agitate constantly
Ratio: 1:4
300ml per 35mm film

2-5 minutes agitate constantly for 30 seconds
Tap tank
Repeat every 30 seconds
Tap tank
Fill with water
Set up with tap
Wash for 10 minutes
The film is then safe to pull out and dry

The first film I developed was an out of date Kentmere ISO100 film, which turned out to have a good contrast and high quality. This was shot with the automatic settings of the camera. I then developed an Ilford ISO400, which is one of the film that I am used to. I was surprised with the results as it was shot in manual, which showed to me that I was able to successfully use the camera that has been passed to me. I now cannot wait to shoot and develop more film, mainly looking at my stairs sculptures and setting them in different environments.

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