Study Abroad Exhibition Poster

After coming back from Study Abroad, there was a feeling that the artwork created abroad was not going to be displayed within the University of Reading. As the student representative, I spoke to some of those who went abroad and the head of year 3 studio. It was agreed that there would be a mini study abroad exhibition to showcase the artwork, universities and countries that we went to. I designed a poster for the event using outlines and flags of the countries of those who are participating in the exhibition. This includes; Australia, America, Canada, Finland and Hong Kong.

The exhibition, Same Faces Different Placeswill be held on 25th February 2019 at 4pm in the Spur F Gallery of the University of Reading Art Department.


Study Abroad Exhibition Poster UPDATE: we realised when booking the intended gallery space that it was being used on the day we wished to use it. This means that the venue has now been moved to the TOB1 Corridor (between spur C and E) and the AV Room.

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