Artist Talk: Sandra Sterle

Sandra Sterle introduced a series of work that occurs even seven years; running around a tree. This started as a CD Rom and the development of characters over years. As Sterle travelled, she had the feeling that she herself was different in different places and relates this to the characters and fiction that is created in the CDs. It starred as an ironic gesture that related to the thought that you have to fit into something that you don’t necessarily know how to define. The clothes that she wears during these performances help her to get into the mindset of the characters. This changes as she gets older through her mentality, questioning the simplicity but multilayered structure, entering into the role of the peasant.

Sterle uses a series of postcards that also corresponds to the idea of moving to a smaller country and connecting to the element of rural life. Again, this is similar to that of the CD Rom.

The videos created are an endless run around a tree. The first was created using HI8 video recording and made Sterle question about how she is preserving the method of recording. She also designed posters of the HI8 system and this is included in the exhibition. Seven years later, Sterle repeats this process of running around a tree. On purpose, she has changed the central circulation, however the age of the woman is not something that could be controlled. Because her age has changed, she now runs slower, but the recording device is now better.

There is an element of allowing herself to play while making these videos, showing off that they are all unique. It is not about the purity of the space but rather a performative gesture relating to the space. There are also elements that are being added to her works but she does not know where they will end up, only that they will be repeated in the video and performance every seven years. A sense of deformed recycling and challenging new ideas.

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