Week 5: Making Matchstick Stairs Design 2

This was a new design for the matchstick stairs inspired by my wanderings around the university and the various types of fire escapes that they had. This one in particular is a staircase that is on a building across from the art department. I thought that it was suitable for my second staircase design to be inspired by the UK, while my first was inspired by Canada.

I followed the steps I took when making my first set of matchstick stairs, creating individually well structured elements. Unfortunately, when I placed all of these components together, it did not stand the force of sitting on a wall at one end, and the floor at the other. There was a buckling in the centre.

Although I enjoy the design, I worry that this will not stay together as I move it around and photograph it. I am therefore going to stand back and think of a structural component that I can add to these stairs. I am also looking at adding hand rails.

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