Week 4: Making Popsicle Stick Stairs

The Popsicle stairs ended up changing to including matchsticks in the same step formation that I used for the first matchstick stairs design. This is because I wanted to originally use larger Popsicle sticks, however when looking around all that were being sold were the thinner ones. I knew I would use the same technique on the Popsicle sticks as I would the matchsticks, so I stuck with what I had.

This design was difficult to hide the cardboard box, so the purple would have been visible from all directions if I had it facing inside too. The hollowness of the stairs was an element that I liked from the first matchstick stairs design, and again in this one. I did feel like it was a shame to have a barrier to seeing the back. Despite being very sturdy, I would not choose this design again.

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