Introduction to Fabric Workshop

The introduction to fabric workshop took us through the basic connection of shapes in woven material with curved and darts (which accommodate shapes in woven fabric). Clothing can be a form of art and was used in modernist and avant-garde fashion. The Subversive Stitch looked at the difference between arts and crafts, with crafts being dominated by women and being subversive through innocuous media. The book is a feminist piece to determine that women who do crafts can also be artists. Elaine Reichek and Carlone Achaintre demonstrate the different uses of fabric, with Freddie Robins creating large scale installations through knitting. Anni Albers created paintings through weaving.

Galia Kollectiv, who ran today’s workshop, moved from knitting into costumes and the use of fabric, finding the importance of clothing in performance pieces. Through clothing you can also redesign or make a new society and remake the world. There is a certain discrepancy between the pattern and the worn clothing, which Galia wanted to break – making the worn piece look like the angular design. The relation of clothes and the environment is a thought beyond the individual. Clothes are importnat in performance, video and installation. Jonathan Baldock works somewhere between clothing and sculpture to connect shapes.

Seye = arm hole
Yolk = top of the back pattern
Grain lines are always important
Grain goes parallel to the salvage (ends of a roll of fabric)

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