Week 3: Making Cardboard Stairs

Once again, I kept with the original design that I created last week, starting with a cuboid shape made out of cereal box cardboard. I chose this cardboard as it is thinner than others, and therefore easier to manipulate.

I decided to go ahead with the design that held the side and bottom on the same net of cardboard. I found this relatively easy to shape and cut, however fitting the stairs on top of this was a bit of a hassle. I also thought that I had measured out the stairs correctly, however fitting them to the base I realised that I did not consider the additional measurement when the cardboard was bent. This made the stairs not completely flat. I had similar problems, but on a slightly larger scale when creating the longer staircase.

The overall finished staircase looks sturdy with the blocked design. It stands well on its own, but does tilt to the side a little due to the weight of the longer set of stairs. It concerned me slightly that two different types of cardboard were used as they were different colours, despite being the same thickness. In some shots of the staircase however, this is a minimal difference. Despite the final design being better than anticipated, much like the paper stairs, I found that this is a very ‘domesticated’ and blocky design, whereas I am looking for more of an open design to create interesting shadows. I would also not work with this material in such a three dimensional and manipulative way, due to the hassle that it has been to fit it into shape.

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