Week 1 Spring: Back to Reading

Week 1 of spring term was an introduction back to Reading and to the work that we have been producing over the past few months, as well as where we want to go with it.

I wanted to carry on with both photography and sculpture, experimenting with the material but also playing with the sense of false reality (such like I made in the milkdrop of the third photography assignment). There was a possible route of continuing the stereotype work OR playing with reality in photography.

After talking to several people about the many ideas I had, I managed to narrow it down to the creation of miniature stairs that I would photograph in different environments to create a false reality within the image. This allows the continuation of the exploration of material with the sculptural element of stairs, while also keeping the 35mm black and white photography. Playing with the display of these will them give them different meanings and will allow people to determine their relation, or non-relation.

[Below: three of the photographs taken of stairs for the second photography project acting as inspiration for the current work]

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