What Next?

While on my study abroad I approached the mediums of photography and sculpture (plaster, wood and metal). These were laid out in separate classes, but on my return to Reading in the spring term, I wish to see how I can bring these together.

I very much enjoyed both photography and sculpture, learning about different methods and physically mixing and playing with the materials to see how they react to different motions. Within photography, we looked at a lot of physical matter that was in the city, attempting to see things from new perspectives, as well as stretching our abilities away from the camera, in and out of the darkroom. Sculpture, on the other hand, looked more at process than subject matter, ensuring we explored the limits of the materials plaster, wood and metal. This was done through several processes, coming together in two groups of final pieces.

I want to bring the material into the piece upon my return to Reading, still being very physical and part of the process of my work. I also wish to continue with the theme of a false sense of reality, much like we explored in photography. Most importantly, I want to continue with both methods of making to inform my practice.

When talking to others about my work, it became more evident that I wanted to look at both of the materials within conversation with one another, perhaps attempting to create a bridge between the two. I wish to look into this, and develop it further with my knowledge of analogue photography and my experimentation with material.

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