Marc Sparfel

Marc Sparfel utilises abandoned furniture in the streets, which he first found in Barcelona, Spain, and incorporates them into sculptures. His works are often made of wood, but sometimes metal and other elements are added. Sparfel is in a continual series of masks, animals and mythological beings with these furnishings. Recently, he has explored more of the use of the materials that he had acquired and developed an abstract, geometric and somewhat lyrical work that raises a conversation with his animal works.

Abandoned furniture that has no purpose any more or simply isn’t fashionable. Chairs, wardrobes and hat stands, a truly urban forest growing out of the asphalt, climbing street lamps and walls… this is my forest, my world where I walk with pleasure, and I hand pick the best pieces. Once in my workshop, my sanctuary, my laboratory, I start the process of transformation, sometimes slow and painful but always intuitive, searching for a certain elegance and poetry made from wood. –  Marc Sparfel, Behance

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