Music And Movement

While in University of Ottawa, I was able to take a 1 credit workshop on music and movement and the Dalcroze model. This workshop was not what I expected, as we used our bodies, and other equipment, to become more in tune with not only the music that others and ourselves produced, but also with our instincts. Much of the time we used improvisation, and building upon previous exercises, including quick reaction and rhythm exercises.
Within the two day workshop, one of my favourite parts was an improvisation with chairs, in which we chose a partner to improvise with, along with the chairs. There was an exploration of the chairs, developing your relationship with them. Within this exercise, we were able to move with, against, or in contrast with the music. This showed me that there was a deeper relationship between body, movement and sound than I originally anticipated.
I also found the singing exercises very useful, as we moved our bodies on instinct with the tune of the singing and accompanying piano. The movement and singing allowed a more intimate interaction with the melody, bringing me a further understanding of how movement, melody and instinct can play an important part within works. I found that I was able to push some of my limits of where I was comfortable within the workshop, allowing me to pursue more of the knowledge that was available.
I would find the application of what I have learnt in the two day workshop to my own artwork interesting, especially if I continue to work with digital mediums and performance. The movement and accompanying music can completely alter the ambience of the piece produced. I would enjoy the exploration of different movement, and different sounds to produce my artwork.
Below is some of the piano music that we used within the workshops:

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