Lee Friedlander

Lee Friedlander looked at the chaos of city life, organising vasts amount of visual information into dynamic compositions in photography. This creates humorous and poignant images of the everyday life that city dwellers and workers create for themselves. He has photographed portraits as well as city-scapes, and has curated several books around his own work. The marriage between the people and the city creates an urban social landscape in his photographs.
Friedlander works primarily in 35 mm cameras and black and white film to create high contrast pieces, using detached images of urban life, store-front reflections, structures frames by fences, and posters and signs all combining to capture the look of modern life. There is always some stillness in the movement in each of the photographs, capturing the bustling city life while also showing the serenity of daily tasks.
Through photography, and other mediums, I would like to capture the daily events of people in a similar way. The use of the 35 mm camera allows you play a larger part of the photography process, making you ask yourself the questions that the camera would automatically do for you. I want to have to play this part in the process, and to have to make these decisions myself about the photography of everyday people.

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