Berenice Sydney

Berenice Sydney inscribes her work with her passion for music and dance as she studied classical ballet, guitar and flamenco. She also throws in the sense of liberation and freedom of expression which prevailed Britain in the 1960s. The Cubist and fauvist eras was essential to her work, informing and inspiring her of new narratives through her work.
Sydney travelled widely throughout her life, gaining inspirations from every corner of the world. Some of the most influential to her were Greece, the Aegean Islands and Egypt, where the history and mythology provided subject matter for many of her paintings.
The movement and freedom is what caught my eye in her current exhibition Dancing With Colour at Saatchi, London. Each piece was different, but they all contained the same fluency of language between artist, paint and canvas. Individual movement seemed calculated, as if there was a routine behind the creation of the painting, and improvised, like a dancer listening to the music and letting their limbs move. There are some elements pointing toward that of the Greek and Egyptian inspiration, but my eyes saw the movement of dance and freedom of speech through art.

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