Sound Manipulation UV Pole [Take 2]

I felt that Silent UV Pole Videos [Take 2] and UV [Take 2] Pole Merge both clearly and cleverly highlighted the aspect of manipulation of space and movement, however I wanted to see if they would continue to fit in with the theme on Feminism and Pole Performance. I therefore decided to take Spoken Poem, and manipulate this within the video. I chose the Spoken Poem for the final audio track, as I found that this was the one that best highlighted and encompassed my thoughts and ideas about feminism. I also particularly liked the parts that told the viewer to look at me, as this is a powerful instruction being dealt at a time of uncertainty.
Initially, the audio was placed in without edits. This acted as a reminder of the audio, ensuring I remembered it as I worked with it. The video did not quite match up with the audio, as the audio began after, and ended before the video was completed. I did perform to another audio piece that was longer, and so I was partially expecting this to happen. I did enjoy the calmness of both the audio and the movement on screen.

I then decided to begin to manipulate the sound in other ways compared to using different speakers. Within the next edit, I layered two different parts of the audio at several points. These were sometimes confusing and overwhelming, but then crawling back into something very simple. The juxtaposition between the layers, busy and calm, gives you time to recover, and also to listen. I enjoyed this edit as I had never done layering like this with the audio before, and it highlighted the ‘look at me’ element, which is something that is very key within the piece. I did find, however, that the last ‘look at me’ was drowned out by other words, making the last statement less powerful than I had hoped.

Lastly, I decided alter the speed of the audio. At some points, it does make my voice sound silly and obviously altered. I wanted to created something that was reflective of my voice, but making it sound almost childish, or deep. I wish to alter the audio like this again, however I would not change it as drastically, so that it gives the effect that I wish.

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