Final Performance Set Up And Plan

For the summative assessment as part of second year, I took a look back at all my work and picked out the strongest elements. I quickly found that my work was based around three practices and concepts; performance, multi-layered video and sound.
Within Guitar Performance, I managed to introduce an uncomfortable and unsettling feeling for those who were in the room with me, as no only did I not care about my own singing and guitar playing, but I also made all of those in the audience, join in. I enjoyed manipulating this element, and want to bring this into my final piece. This is much like the work of Tino Sehgal, where the performers break the 4th wall. The controlling of uncomfortable sensations was also found in Untitled [Singing Film], as those who were in the video were then forced to watch themselves. Inspired by Matthew BarneyVanessa Beecroft and Sylvie Fleury, I utilised more space, which allowed the performances to become stronger, as I felt more comfortable with the movement. The use of this movement is particularly highlighted within Pole Performance, as I am able to encompass a whole room, creating a new environment within the space, inspired by Pepón Osorio. This is an element I want to continue, as the environment ultimately could make or break the piece.
Both at the beginning of the year, and as my work progressed, I found that I enjoyed working with complex pieces, especially those with multiple elements. This stems from The Summer Project, and the work of Wolfgang Tillmans. I very quickly transferred this to video, and layered several images in Moonlight Cord, where the message of Chinese Opera was easier to convey compared to earlier trials.The uniqueness of the videos is also something that I wish to continue, specifically the difference of the camera shot in Untitled [A Pole GoPro Film]Untitled [Pole] and Untitled [Mixed Pole], displayed in the style of John Akomfrah. The use of the GoPro gave a completely new perspective to the use of the pole, and again, were mixed with multiple elements. A new perspective was also seen in UV DSCN Merge Pole, and is a key element that I wish to take forward, perhaps both with light and camera angle.
I also considered the use of sound, as this is an element I subconsciously worked with throughout the Chinese Opera videos. I quickly found that editing sound in The Start Project: The Forgotten War and The Start Project: The Forgotten War [Little Yemen] was a strong element in my work, as it gave an interesting twist to what could have been plain spoken word. Although I found this to be a strong element of this video, the physical embodiment that was created in Feminist Poem [Extended] Audio and Feminist Poem 3 Audio, 4 Speakers through the use of 4 speakers, was something that I would rather play around with. At the same time, I do not want to overwhelm those in the environment that I create, so the element of sound is something I have to play around with.
I decided to therefore take all of these elements forward to create a performance on the pole, in a blacked out room with two projectors and four speakers. This will make the room very warm very quickly, however I do not anticipate the performance to last longer than 5 minutes, which will ensure that I will be protected from exhaustion.
Due to the set up of the performance, and the use of the projectors on the two plain walls within the room, there is little room for other work. This does upset me that I am unable to display with other members of my year group, however it does also mean that I do not compromise anyone’s work, and visa versa. This is also the reason why I have chosen to do my performance earlier than the intended deadline, so that the room is available for the rest of the year group to use.

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